Sunday, August 28, 2022

Monday Morning Sew & Tell ~ 8/29/22

We are almost ready to turn another page on our monthly calendars!  How has this happened??? It is, once again, time for Sew & Tell!

As another week has passed, I ask... What have you been up to?  

You will recall that we were gone camping with friends for most of last week.  We hiked, we laughed and talked, we played games and cards, we ate, drank and were merry... Jaquie gathered rosehips to take home and dry, Keith snapped lots of photos and the dogs enjoyed exploring and sniffing. All in all, it was a time enjoyed by everyone!

But when we returned home and got unpacked, I was busy in the studio.

For 27 years I have made and sold some specialty tool rolls to the gunsmithing students at the local college.  We were contacted last week, while camping, by one of the instructors asking if I would have any file and chisel holders available for their purchase.

It is a bit of a tedious job and I have made them for so many years I can practically do it blindfolded. 😂  But it is also one of the most profitable sales I make each fall, so I continue to make them.

I added to the inventory that I had with 6 file and 3 chisel holders.

I prepped the backing for Hanna's First Year Quilt got it sandwiched.  I had wanted to do some free-motion quilting on it with loops and hearts, but because of the extra layers from fusible interfacing on the squares on the front AND the blanket used on the back, my machine was skipping stitches.  

Before getting in too deep (and getting really frustrated) I stopped and picked out the little bit of quilting that I had done.  I decided that my "go-to", straight-line quilting of squares on point would be the quilting.  

It was done quickly and ready for binding by the end of the day.  Using a leftover section of one of the blankets I cut 1-1/2" strips to be a single-fold binding.  The blankets are the currently very popular, super soft poly blankets.  Again, requiring fusible interfacing to stabilize the stretch, I thought that the double fold binding would be too bulky.  I will turn the binding and use some pink thread to do a button-hole stitch as the finishing touch. 💗  I have just a few days left in August to get it done... it was my One Month Goal after all. 

Last week Michelle shared her EPP project that will be a star among many stars "when it grows up...

And Alycia shared a quilt that was inspired by an antique 16 patch...

Your turn!  Link up below.  You can use a link to a social media post if you don't blog.

If you don't want to link up, you can leave a comment telling me about your current happenings... I'd love to hear from you!

Keep piecing!


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  1. You were busy when you returned home! Sounds like a lovely camping trip. I have nothing to share this week, but really appreciate the feature. Thanks so much!

  2. Sounds like a fun and fabulous time camping . Hannah's quilt is so sweet. Thank you so much for the link party. Looking forward to the blog hop.

  3. Your camping trip sounds like so much fun.

  4. So glad you had such a lovely time away camping with friends! How cool to be able to make those tool holders! A handy bit of pocket money :) Thanks for joining in on Monday This and That! xx