Saturday, August 6, 2022

August One Month Goal

Just a really quick stop in to share what my August One Month Goal is...

It will be a Baby's First Year quilt for our grand-daughter, Hanna.  It will contain all of the monthly outfits and various holiday outfits she wore as she watched, learned, grew and changed as the pages of the calendar were turned.

From the shirt she wore home from the hospital to the special little outfit she wore for her first party... and everything in between.  Heather also gave me two blankets with her name on it. She used the pink one as the background for the monthly photos.  One I will use as sashing strips, the other will be incorporated into the backing.

Her birthday was in April, so I am excited to finally get started!

I love that she made sure she photographed each one of the girls throughout their first year with the special monthly shirts allowing me to make a special quilt for them.  And big sister, Emma, made sure she reminded Heather that they (and the holiday outfits) needed to be saved.  Thanks for the help Emma! 

I, personally, did save a few very special pieces of clothing and some blankets, from our children, but nothing like this. :)  I'm glad to have the opportunity to make this special memory quilt for Hanna Heather.  Haha!  

Like so many of the HS graduation quilts I have made, the Mom's have loved the quilts as much as the grad.

Did you hold onto any special items from your children?

Leave a comment...  I'd love to hear from you.

Keep Piecing!


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  1. I kept way to many things that belonged to our girls! Now they have to go through things and decide what they want to keep.

  2. I kept some books and some toys. . .the granddaughters have played with them and that was fun to reread all the stories again and again! Your project will be wonderful! --TerryK