Thursday, June 16, 2022

Thankful Thursday

Give thanks in all circumstances 
~ 1 Thessalonians 5:18a

Happy Thankful Thursday!  In all things I offer thanks... 

#1 - For allergies... yes, even allergies.  As frustrating and annoying as they can be, I offer thanks because I am do not react nearly as bad as I once used to.  Woohoo!  I felt the runny nose and itchy, sore throat start last week when Maggie was staying with us.  I tried to get an appointment with a chiropractor who does allergy and emotional clearing but had to wait until Tuesday morning.  My voice had given out and I was back to hiding in the house away from the awful pollen and smoke that I had been overtaken by... but I muddled through since I knew it was for just a short time.

So, I  carried on at a snail's pace  because of the need to stop and blow my nose, or cough, or get a throat lozenge or get a drink of water... and only made one small miscalculation in my pattern testing... I carefully counted and cut pieces for 12 blocks... These are 3" blocks, NOT 4" blocks as I had originally planned, and I needed 16!  It was easily remedied by digging through the scrap bin again and cutting for the remaining additional blocks.

#2 - For doctors that are willing to learn "magical" healing processes to relieve the annoying symptoms of allergy attacks.  There really is science behind all of it and so much of it is confusing, but I have come to believe that this sort of healing is what is best for me.  As I left the office I already felt better, though a bit foggy.  

This fogginess actually offered me the opportunity to finish writing the pattern out in a formal manner and test it for accuracy with the additional blocks.  With the foggy mind following my appointment, I realized that I really needed to focus and read the pattern for the cutting and assembly instructions. In this process, I found a few items that needed to be corrected.

#3 - Time with Family!  The relief of my allergy attack was perfect timing with our plans to leave on Thursday for time away in Red River, NM.  This trip has been on our calendar since February!  And despite the fires in the National Forest, fire bans and shut down of the trails and campgrounds near there, we are going!  Never mind the fact that neither of our sons-in-law or my MOM can make it... WE. ARE. GOING!  There will be memories made for all of us.  We'll be racing go carts, riding horses (hopefully), climbing on ropes courses, riding bikes, fishing, eating, playing games and snacking...

#4 - I'm thankful for social media and the participants of the Pieces in the Garden Sew Along that share photos of their progress! Have you seen the latest?  Karen shared her Stars blocks and Hank Chipom shared the progress of his "Mom's" Love blocks.

#5 - With the hotter temps that have been ushered in in the recent days with the warm southerly winds (all across the US it seems) I am ever grateful for the portable AC window units that help to keep our house comfortable.  And as the sounds of the units and other fans move around cooler air, I am ever SO thankful that we have means to pay for the extra electricity required to do so. 

I think back to 9 years ago when we had no income and were working on getting our business started... I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO thankful!  Thankful that we had the wisdom to have saved back so that we could get by... We have been through some lean times, but we have always, by the GRACE OF GOD, managed and always had ENOUGH.

I could go on and on, but it seems as though I have run on long enough.  I'll be semi-unplugged while we are away with family.  I will have the Monday Sew & Tell ready to go so be sure to come back to link up and show all of us what you have been busy making!

Have a blessed and safe weekend!  
Keep Piecing,



  1. The star blocks look good. Sorry about your allergies. I know how you feel but thankfully mine have lessened over the years.

  2. Hi Melva! I am intrigued by the chiropractor that has helped you with allergies. I will have to research that and see if we have anyone nearby. I hate taking drugs for anything but especially for Spring/Fall allergies. I'm allergic to Kentucky Blue Grass and that is the most common/used grass in the Midwest. I can't get away from it unless I move, and then I'd just be allergic to something else. A holistic treatment would be fab! I adore that photo of the Love blocks!! That pup looks so happy to be in the photo AND to be enjoying some sunshine. But for God's hand - I feel His presence and guidance often. It's always present especially when you look. Happy Friday to you! {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. One of the things I am so thankful for is quilt blogs! Since moving into the Boonies, away from my guild, it is good to still have contact with other quilt makers.