Sunday, June 26, 2022

Red River Family Get Away

What a fun time we had!  It is hard to believe that it has been almost a week since we were there.  For those that are interested... Here are some of the best pictures.  

If you choose to pass on the "slide show of our vacation", I understand.  One of the main purposes of this post is to have the best of the photos in one place for when I am ready to order prints for the scrapbook. (A safe back up should something happen and our computer crash... again.) 😉

View from the room 💖

Tyshan looking so proud with his fishing license

Softball Practice with Grampa

The kids were excited to play Clue
Notice the two sleeping behind them

Grandpa getting his hair combed by Hanna

Hanna loved being outside
The carrier was the most convenient way for her to enjoy it

Playing in the Park

Hanna with Grampa at worship

A happy baby with Gramma

Sleepy baby since she had not slept well

Emma with a tiny caterpillar

Maggie with Auntie Becca 💗

Momma was tired too!
Don't worry... she did not spill her drink

Emma with Auntie Becca 😍

They were ready to race Go Karts

They helped to plant a tree with Smokey Bear

Horseback riding...

Emma was more excited than the expression reveals

Heather with Hanna... in the carrier.  She LOVED the ride!

Maggie rode a horse with Grampa

Fishing... nothing was caught

The only thing they really managed to do was get the line in knots!

He spent hours hoping to catch something!

Our one mealout - we ate out at the RR Brewery

Dave... He 💓's beer
This was after he had one, but he sure puts on a good pouty face 😂

Hanna like the mechanical horse too!

Sheer joy!

Howdy Partner 

Ice Cream!  
Not a great idea for a little one that struggles with dairy 😭
She didn't sleep well that night either

Rebecca doesn't ride bikes, but we got her on this one 👍


Line Dancing at the Community House
Doing the Chicken Dance 😂

Line dance lessons

Proof they were there!

With Uncle Sam 

Out last morning there...

Time to say "Good bye" and head home

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