Tuesday, July 6, 2021

July One Month Goal

It is probably pretty safe to say we have all heard of "Where's Waldo"... but my question is "Where did June go???"  

Where it may have dashed off to, I cannot say but, I CAN say I successfully completed my June One Month Goal.  AND I can say linking up with Patty at Elm Street Quilts made it all worth it... because she gives prizes!  And I won one.  Woohoo!  I am awaiting the arrival of an Oliso mini travel iron.  I'm so excited!

Now, talk about incentive to set a goal and complete it!

The OMG for July is to complete the memory quilt that I am currently working on.

Normally, it would be no big deal, as I am typically able to do one, start to finish, in about 10 days... sometimes only one week, depending on the size and complexity of the pattern.

This one is a little more involved.  It is a 14" block with 61(!) pieces!! and there are 12 blocks... that's 732 pieces just in the blocks.  There are an additional 62 pieces for the sashing strips and corner stones.

Gosh!  No wonder it seems as though I have been in my studio cutting for... everrrrrrr.  ✂✂✂

Last week I had estimated that I would get at least 6 blocks fully pieced.  Boy was I wrong!

Oh, of course my plans went awry when we got the message that our daughter planned to spend the day with us on July 4th.  Not only did we have church in the morning, but we hosted a big BBQ for members as well as the local community.

It was great fun!
Our Little Fire Crackers 💗

A fun game of Jenga with Kampa
Great-Grandma with little Hanna, now 2 months old
She was obviously tired since she had her Momma
up early requesting a feeding and entertainment.
There was food, fun and games for all ages!

But... back to quilting.

While I didn't get any blocks pieced as I had hoped, I did get all of the pieces cut and snowball corners done on Friday. The HST sewing happened on Saturday afternoon.

It took a long time to get the HSTs trimmed to size, but NOW I am ready to roll.

I'm not going to put a time frame on it since I was so far off with my previous estimation... thus my goal for getting it done by the end of July.  

We have a couple of camping trips planned for the near future, including a weekend with the grands, our daughters and one SIL.  Two years ago we made a special trip with our oldest, her husband and the kiddos, and then last year we had a "Nolan Family Cabin Camping Weekend" with our girls and the grands (no, the sons-in-law were not brave enough to join us).  

Though with each activity there were text messages and pictures sent to them with responses that were similar to "oh, I wish I was there" or "that looks fun, or "that looks really good", in the case of the food photos.  The replies were always "You should have gone camping!"

It was filled with such fun, good food, crazy laughter and so many memories that the grands asked to do it again.  And what Grandparent could turn THAT down???  You bet we are making it happen.  The "camp crafts" have been planned and all the necessary supplies acquired.  We will be doing tie-dye shirts, "pour art" or "blow art", some nature projects with photo paper, learning gun and archery safety and shooting a pellet gun and the bow.  There will probably be some games, lots and lots of food, whittling for the oldest with the pocket knife we gifted him at Christmas, and who knows what else we might find to do.  

My Mom will be joining us again for at least one day, making 4 generations of camping memories.  There is nothing better!

I have many memories of camping with my grandparents... A three week trip of visiting Arches National Monument, Salt Lake City, Yellowstone and the Tetons is a stand out, but there were so many more!

What are some of your favorite memories with your grandparents?

Leave a comment... I'd love to hear from you!

Keep Piecing!


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  1. What fun it looks like at your place! Love that pic with Great-grandma and baby. Your fabrics look so pretty for your blocks. If you have HSTs trimmed you've got a lot done!
    Love reading about your family camping trip. My best grandparents memories are food ones - lol! My Granny on Daddy's side always had the most wonderful cinnamon rolls ready to snack on when we got to her house, and my favorite cousin Weezie lived next door, so I was always happy to go there! And my other Granny made the best pies and cobblers, and she lived in the hills of Missouri. I have such fond memories of playing in her house and yard. Have a great week!

  2. Congrats on winning with your June OMG. Those blocks are great. I actually took June off. I'm really enjoying being able to spend time outside of the house after a year of being quarantined.

  3. My camping memories are of my Aunt who took all 7 of her nieces and nephews camping every summer. We made such wonderful memories and I cherish that time spent with my siblings and cousins. We have started a tradition with friends of camping every fall, and I hope to share that with my grands when they come along. Thanks for linking up, good luck with your next list of goals!

  4. Hi,
    Great memories to have...I have one, but no pictures.
    But it's still in my head...and very vivid. Love your
    memory quilt block...beautiful. Have a great day!

  5. My grandparents didn’t camp! My paternal grandmother was a prim and proper librarian. I don’t remember ever seeing her wear trousers! Always a dress. I’m many years older than you, I was raised in the 50’s! My maternal grandmother did crochet, sew some things, not pieced quilts, but aprons, curtain, lined drapes. She taught me to darn socks! And she could repair a pair of jeans like nobody else!

  6. Congrats on the win and on completing your goal. Have fun camping.

  7. Congrats on winning!!! that sounds like a perfect prize for you!!
    And what a block - you can do it!! but your firecrackers.... they stole the show!

  8. My camping memories are mostly about Girl Scout camp and as an adult, "Quilt camp" aka "Homemakers Camp".. BUT I'm currently making two quilts for Christmas gifts, one a camping theme and one a hiking theme. Still in the planning stage but need to get further along!

  9. What great camping memories your kids and grands will cherish their lifetime! I wanna come on your camping trip too! LOL You will love your mini iron!! I have a couple of different ones and love them both. My favorite memories with my granny was sitting in her lap, in the rocking chair, in front of the space heater while mama and daddy went to milk the cows and take care of the livestock. Their house was between ours and the barn. My other favorite memory was her teaching me to sew. And for my grandddaddy, it was sitting with him at their little country store. He would go to shooting matches just about every Saturday and during the week, he would use the bottom of empty candy boxes and make a target and hang it on a tree. After he would shoot, I would go get the target for him. I loved doing that! He was a fantastic marksman and won lots of hams and turkeys at the competitions called "turkey shoots!" And of course, he would always give me whatever snack I wanted when I was with him! LOL Another memory of him was when he would close the store and walk across the road to their house, he would always whistle Amazing Grace!! That memory really warms my heart!

  10. Hi Melva! Congrats to you on winning the Oliso iron. LOVE your firecrackers! Especially Miss Thing with the cute attitude. They are all so adorbs! Hanna is two months old already?!! How sweet that GG could hold her and have a special picture. That is priceless for sure! Your family camping trip sounds like just the best thing EVER. {{Hugs}} Talk about priceless! Not just your grands will remember it for the rest of their lives . . . all of you will. ~smile~ Roseanne

  11. Wow! An Oliso iron as a prize...hooray. I remember going to the NJ shore with my family - grandparents, parents and siblings and later on my son. Wonderful times as it looks like your family was having a wonderful time.

  12. Just BEING with the grandparents was a treat, even if their job was to "mind" me. Wish they were still around, I have SO many questions!