Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Small Things Done

My To-Do list didn't see as much get done as I had hoped, but you cannot say that I didn't try...

❧ I need to get borders on the Memory quilt.  

This could get a 1/2 check mark since I have fabric for the final border, backing and binding on order (and fingers crossed) it will be here in time for me to get this quilt done before the close of the month since it was my One Month Goal that I linked up at Elm Street Quilts

 Dresden/Sunbonnet Sue top quilted for my customer.  

I started with great ideas and plans... and then I discovered that the prepared backing that my client sent was too small.  A quick assessment of the situation allowed for a fast answer...  

Use the fabric that she had intended for the binding to make the backing large enough and use some grey dotted fabric left from another quilt that she had sent for the binding.  

That little derailment set me off course and, honestly, Ummmmmmm....  the only excuse I have is that I'm still unsure of how to quilt it.

This derailing did allow for me to get most of the other items on my list done.

   Prep Big Horn Sheep and Soaring Bird blocks for our camping journal quilt.

        The soaring bird block kit is in my sewing bag and ready to go whenever we are.  The Big Horn Sheep pattern has been printed out and fabric selected and in my sewing bag as well so that the pieces and fabric can be prepped on the road.

Something fun!  

On Saturday I joined the Saturday Sew-in over at the Inquiring Quilter and had intentions of continuing the quilting of the Cake Walk Quilt.  It was mid-morning that I found I had made several excuses of why I wasn't in my studio...

That was when I remembered that I wanted to do something FUN!  I printed out my bear pattern from Fiona Sandwich and began the process of making a block to mark off one of her Summer Camp Sewing Challenge items... Make a block using unusual colors.

I sat down in the recliner and hand-stitched up this little gal in purple as I watched shows on Netflix ~ something I haven't done for several weeks!  I had told myself that when this bear was done then I would go quilt... That was a big ol' NOPE!  Instead I made up two more blocks - these were machine pieced.  

I was remembering the trapper's blankets at Bent's Fort Trading Post when ever I would visit the site as a kid and thought I would use the stripes pattern to replicate such a blanket. 

Release Block #6 of the Pieces of the Santa Fe Trail Sew Along.  This block is from Kathie Laposata, one of the sew along participants.  

I love her adjustment to the center patch to make it a 3-color block.

Marion Russell tells tales of learning from the Sisters at the Academy, what they taught and how they often called her and her brother "little heretics".  She shares her memories of how a man in jail captured her attention by singing and told her of his own daughter at home and how he missed her so... 

Follow the link above to find  the rest of the story, the free pattern... and get a recipe for some Molasses Cookies.

Well... it would appear that I have a few items that are obviously going to be on my To-do list for the coming week.

❧ The Memory quilt.  Once the fabric arrives this one will have my full attention!  I already know that I am going to use a super-sized Baptist Fan quilting design, like I used on my Pieces from the Past Quilt.

❧ Cake Walk quilt...

You know where you can find me!

If you were to choose a "Fun!" quilty project to do what would it be?

Leave a comment...  I love to hear from all of you!

Stay calm and keep quilting,


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  1. We need fun days of quilting now and then (because not all of them are fun, right) - your bear blocks are really cute, and I like the additional blocks, including the blanket. We have a nearby woolen mill that makes those blankets! If I were to chose a fun project right now, it would by a One Sister kit that I have waiting, and waiting. Soon!

  2. The blanket immediately reminded me too of Pendleton-type blankets in my youth. Nice memory! My fun project would be a cute wallhanging for my sewing room. The walls are too bare!

  3. Most all quilting is fun until you get to the point of it being tedious repetition. Then, just switch to a different (already started) project, etc., etc, etc!
    Tina W in Oregon

  4. Looks like you had a bit of issue with quilting? I am there more than not!! Good luck resolving the issue. Good luck with the list for next week. Thanks for linking up with To-Do Tuesday!

  5. I don't live too far from the Pendleton Woolen Mills that still makes those blankets. I happened in one day then they had some seconds, not quite long enough or wide enough due to some flaw (that was removed), for sale and got us one. I had been wanting one for a long time!

  6. Do my eyes deceive me or are there quilting lines "connecting the dots" in the Cake Walk Quilt? You have accomplished much while you were "not quilting" ... it all looks quilty good to me. Your hand piecing is sew precise! A fun project for me is whatever one I pick up and sew. The upcoming 30 days of Improv QAL is my personal pick for a fun 15 minutes of sewing play per day. Thanks for linking up ... :) Pat

  7. Girl you are busy. Seeing the Souring Bird reminds me of the secondary pattern in my recent dino quilt.

  8. That is quite a list!!! Glad you are making progress on them!!

  9. So much quilting goodness! I'm sure you'll come up with a fabulous plan for the Dresdens. This is totally unrelated and you probably don't have control over it, but I had to tell you -- a really disgusting ad is showing up multiple times throughout this post, about a "Simple Trick to Remove Earwax" and the photo is a handful of icky Q-Tips that appear to be full of someone's gross earwax. Very startling to keep seeing that as I'm scrolling down to read your post and it keeps popping up in between your lovely quilt photos!

  10. Maybe you didn't get all the things on your list done, but you did accomplish a lot and added some fun too! Love that bear block. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.

  11. Well done with your list, even if not everything is checked, you did a lot! I love your purple bear, and the 3 color block #6.