Sunday, August 5, 2018

Where Did I Go?

You may have noticed that I went silent for a week... Oooops!

I had been busy getting posts ready to share a few weeks ago for the Christmas In July hop week and the blocks of the month sew alongs that I am doing. And then it was time to prepare for our camping trip with our grandchildren and their parents.   Yay!  But I ran out of time to get anything ready beyond that. 

It was a great time to be unplugged and just focus on them as they explored and played outside.  Here's a little peek into our time in Ouray - 

We enjoyed a soak in the hot springs and lunch at the local brewery

Not only did we have S'mores... we had doughboys!  Biscuit dough carefully wrapped around a 1 inch dowel rod (or tree branch if you want to "rough it") and filled with your choice of goodness - we had strawberry jam, chocolate pudding and breakfast sausage... though some sausage gravy would have been divine!

The kiddos and their parents stayed in a small cabin that was a snug fit!

There was a rousing game of t-ball!  Some of the rules were made up and changed as we went along, but for the most part every one had fun.

The giggles from the littlest one as she and Kampa chased the ball down, topped the day off!

The boy was hunting!
Momma had a headache :(

"The Galloping Goose" hybrid train/bus in Telluride...

They were having a serious conversation about the bronze fawn in the Ridgeway park. 

Sooooo.... please excuse me for not getting much else done.  I did get eight squares added to my EPP hexie.  Does that count?

I'll be back this week... maybe even with a Quilters Through The Generations story!

Do you have a road trip project?  
Or do you pass the time with some other activity?

Leave a comment - I'd love to hear from you!

Stay calm and Sew on...

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  1. I have no road trip this year. Last year my son, his two children = then 11 and 4, and I went from Broken Arrow, OK (a suburb of Tulsa) to Albuquerque, NM to see his sister, her husband (who was noticably absent) and their two children. We left in the evening hopefully so the children would sleep most of the trip and we drove straight througn to ABQ. We got there before they were up and around, so we went to eat. Just before we checked out, the restaurant was robbed - what a way to start a vacation. We had a blast. We took all the children - my daughter's children were 6 and 11 - on the train to Santa Fe. We ate lunch and walked to the square. We needed to be back in ABQ for a ballgame for the 6 year old. I started back with my granddaughter and we were hustling to get to the train. Then all of a sudden, the rest of the gang were on our heels and my daughter was hustling her little one and she picked up Jessica and put her on her shoulders. She never said a word to me and I was putting my size 6 shoes down as fast as I could. I had the round trip tickets and should have taken all but one out and given them to my son or daughter and let them go ahead except someone would have to come back to the train station for me for a later train. It was the last train we could catch and make it to the game on time. I was moving as fast as I could and concerned about not making the train. We all got to the train and everyone except my daughter and I went upstairs and she told me to drop in a seat. Literally 30 seconds later, the door closed and we took off. I think she got an appreciation for what fibromyalgia does to people - when your exhaustion level hits, it hits. It was great that I started early and was determined. We soon moved upstairs and enjoyed the trip back. We enjoyed Jaxon's game that night and Joey's the next night. We took the children to the children's museum. It was fun for even this old lady. There were so many hands on activities for all ages to enjoy. I learned many things, too. The soap bubbles were the hit of the day. I slept like a log every night. One day the adult kids took all the small children swimming and I stayed home to rest. We had an event every day and then headed for home. Just about the only event on the way home was the aroma of Hereford, TX. There is a stockyard there and it sure brings back the memory of growing up on a farm and then some. Some times you even get the aroma in Amarillo. We stopped and got some writing materials for me and I did some writing. The children all had fun and bonded well. The two older boys had not seen each other since they were two and the others had never seen any of the relatives. Now, my son wants to take his girlfriend and her two daughters to see his sister. It was a wonderful, memorable road trip. Funny thing happened while we were there - my son posted a picture of a sunset. My kids' dad saw it on Facebook and wanted to know why my son didn't invite him to go with him to NM. Probably because his mom planned the trip and his dad divorced me 19 years earlier???? I mean he acted like a little kid about it and my son was nice and didn't say what I put for a reason. I'm glad that you had a great time and you were missed here.

  2. Glad you had such a great time. Hubby and I spent some of our 10-year anniversary (almost 10-years ago) in Ouray. It was lovely. And Suze, wow, what a trip! Thanks for sharing and anything you do of sewing or even planning of sewing counts!!!

    1. Thanks DawnyK. Our first visit to Ouray was last fall and we loved it. We had hoped that both of our girls & families could have joined us, but it was still fun. Maybe next year. :)