Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Best Laid Plans...

Sometimes we make plans and everything falls into place... and sometimes... we are taken for an unexpected ride.

We went for a detour ride (again) this week.

✔  Playmat quilt for our Great-nephew.

I had great fun creating the various buildings, landscape items and  more for this playmat.  

The hot air balloons that help to form the mountain range is one of my favorite features.  

I quilted waves into the water and added some loops to be like grass in the light greed and some rolling hills in the dark green.

Remember the pattern was free over on the JoAnn Fabrics webpage.

Now we just need to purchase some little cars, wrap them all up and ship them off.

That is where the the remainder of the list stalled.  Here's why...

A few weeks ago (on a Saturday afternoon) we received an unexpected call from a few of our Church's leaders stating that the newly appointed Pastor had resigned and that he felt that the Sunday Worship service needed to be cancelled. WHAT?  As Worship leaders we offered to add a few songs and extra prayer time, but agreed with the leaders that the service should NOT be cancelled.

And while Dave was at it... he offered to give a brief message.  WOW!

All went well.  Well enough that he was asked to offer a message  for the following Sunday - the first Sunday of Advent.  Hours went into the preparation and it was all well received.

This was a detour!  The leaders were so impressed that they asked if he would continue for the remainder of Advent.

BIG DETOUR!  While a little surprised, we were not shocked.  However... MAJOR DETOUR, they asked if he would consider being the interim pastor.  Oh My!

We are currently "handling" it, being in constant prayer, but know that the reality of it being a long-term solution is unrealistic - for the Church and for us.  I mean... we have a business to run.  We also know that God works in mysterious ways, but we are both confident that it is not part of God's long-term plan.  As one of my friends stated, "For such a time as this" have we been prepared...

So... as we prepare for the third Advent Sunday we tread water and try to carefully balance our regular routine/work and all the extra "holiday" stuff AND navigate the detour.  

So for this week I will pick up on last week's list where I stopped.

❧ I want to create some small quilted Christmas Ornaments based on the current Pieces From The Past block - Corner Star - with plans to write about it and share a modified pattern for them.  I may not get as many done as I would like, but whatever I get done will be just fine  because they are just extras and I am not going to stress over them.

❧ Annual family Christmas letter.  As I mentioned last week, our letter is unusual with each of us writing our own "column" - a tradition that started about 17 years ago.  As the girls grew into adulthood we had originally planned on having it in a new format that included just the two of us - but at what point do we "cut them out"?  

As the family has grown with the additions of sons-in-law and grand-children, we thought that we would simply have to fill in with that news on our own because so many of the recipients on the list have known all four of us for all of the girls' lives.  But who better to offer an update on their lives than the ones living them???  So the tradition has continued...  Though it expanded from a standard page to legal sized, front and back.  And if the updates are not received??? I have a back-up plan that includes a pictorial telling of the year for them.  (This is not a new idea - I have had it in place for a few years since our oldest is a bit of a procrastinator and likes to submit right at the deadline.)

As "editor" of the letter I have issued a deadline for the updates - by this week's end, so that Dave and I can prepare envelopes for mailing this weekend and get the letter printed (and folded) on Monday morning.

The best laid plans don't always go as we would like, but sometimes the detour is a grand blessing.  Any thoughts and prayers for us as we navigate our way through the remainder of the Christmas season are deeply appreciated.

Stay Calm and Piece,


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  1. Hi,
    Your Play Mat Quilt is awesome. So colorful. Your Great Nephew will
    love it. Peaceful thoughts your way...have a great day!

  2. Christmas is such an important season in the church,I'm sure your parishioners are very grateful to you for stepping in. Take care and try to enjoy it all!

  3. Hi Melva! What a blessing you two are to the church and all the members that you didn't let down. I'll add you both to my prayers but it sounds to me like you've got this. Certainly don't stress over extra gifts, or anything if you can help it. Your play mat turned out SO darn cute. I know it will be loved and enjoyed very much. The balloons really do add a fun feature! Thanks for linking up today. ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. A very cute play quilt. I am sure it will be loved. And good for you and your husband for stepping up and helping out your church. God bless you for your willingness to serve.

  5. You and Dave and God have got this! Thank you for your service!
    Love the play mat...I wouldn't mind going for a scenic drive on it myself! :)

  6. I love your play quilt and didn't know about the pattern. I might try it for our grandson. Praise God you were able to fill a need at your church. He works in ways we cannot see. I'm sure this detour will be as much a blessing to you as it is to the members of your church. As Elizabeth Elliot once said, "Just do the next thing." That can help me stay focused in the midst of craziness. God bless.

  7. That is a sweet play quilt. I have one Word for you! Whom God calls, He qualifies and whom He qualifies, He equips! So you both will be blessed by serving in "such a time as this!" Hang in there and know you are blessing your fellow believers. My husband is a lay speaker and I know how much time goes into preparation for a sermon. I served on the Worship Team at our church until Covid hit us hard and because of my age and health issues decided to step down and participate from home with online services. I so miss playing and singing, but our church also is meeting in a school until our building is completed. With Covid ramping up again, I'm very thankful for online services! Just keep on keeping on!

  8. Just love your little playmat quilt! I can see you had lots of fun creating it, as it sure is cute! It's also wonderful that Dave is able to fill in for services during these difficult times.

  9. Hi Melva, what an amazing play mat quilt. Wow, I sure wish that I had one like that growing up. That would have been way cool! Take care.

  10. Love the mat. How disappointing the new pastor left with no notice. We never know how we may be asked to serve.

  11. You have so much going on in your life. What a blessing. I love the playmat. I've done some with the panels, but never to make one of my own. What a great idea.

  12. What an adorably sweet activity quilt. Searching for just the right fabrics must have been so much fun.

  13. There is a time for everything,
    and a season for every activity under the heavens:....
    I love that you and your husband were able to step in, and I love that they want you to stay - I think that is such a compliment. What faithful people you are. and your church is lovely!!

    Cool idea for your Christmas letter too!! I agree - who better than to tell their story!
    Merry Christmas!

  14. Yes, quite the detour! I'm sure that all will work out as God plans. Thanks for sharing the playmat on Wednesday Wait Loss--it's super cute!

  15. So cool!!! Reminds me of the carpet that was in my son's bedroom when he was little. Thank you for linking up to Put your foot down and bringing back good memories.

  16. Your nephew’s play at is such a cool idea!


  17. I love your Playmat quilt! Such a cute and fun quilt, and with small cars it's going to be a must have for your Great-nephew!