Friday, October 12, 2018

Moose Go Camping!

When Joan, at MooseStash Quilting, created this block "Moose Go Camping"  she had no idea how true of a statement that was for me!

It has been over two months since we had been camping with our daughter and her family!  How did this happen???

With deadlines for my husband in finishing a project he had been working on, unfortunate timing of poor weather and other events and trips, time just did not allow it. 

We were finally faced with, take a few days and go, or take the camper off of the truck.  As luck would have it... we had an appointment to get a new windshield in our jeep, as well as a need to get to Pueblo to see our daughters and grands, along with some errands (ie., shopping for a few items we cannot get locally).  

The weather was predicting cool temps and overnight rain, but we have a heater in our tiny, tiny home and it does not leak.  We enjoyed time watching a football game and spending time with the grands and then lunch at a local brewery and a nice visit with our daughter and her husband as we caught up on life and the progress of their new house being built.

But, NO!!! we are not taking the camper off.  We have plans to go south into New Mexico and Texas to enjoy some great bike trails.  

So... We. Must. Go. Camping.

We Moose Go Camping!

Camping is what we did... 

Upon our return home I finished the tent and moose... I noticed that as I appliqued this block my mood was improving as I progressed.  

I had started out a bit grumpy... okay, a lot grumpy, despite the recent night away.  

But as I enjoyed a cup of tea on a cloudy, drizzly afternoon, my mood was changing... 

As I shared on instagram... "There is nothing that a little faith, a cup of tea and some quilting cannot fix!" 

One "Moose Have Faith!"

What do you do to turn you mood around?
Leave a comment... I'd love to hear from you. :)

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  1. Your block looks great. I love your fabric choices.
    When I am grumpy I seek our two kitties and pet them. It's hard to be grumpy with a happy, purring kitty at your side. :)

  2. Cute!! I like to read my favorite blogs to re-energize and re-plant myself in the right direction; yours is one of them!

  3. Lovely block & great story. I love to listen to songs by Queen; they always uplift me.

    1. Thanks DawnyK. Queen has some great songs!

  4. Such a cute block. I always go for a walk if needing space.

  5. When I'm feeling down or life's pressures get to me, I moose quilt! 😉 Thanks for lining up to Wednesday Wait Loss. Your posts are always so much fun to read!

  6. I MOOSE quilt when I get blue ... and a little loud Beethoven doesn't hurt, either. =) Your block looks great!

  7. Quilting is definitely therapeutic. Super cute project here!!

  8. Very cute block! Whenever I'm feeling down, I drop what I'm doing and go do something else, somewhere else. The change of activity and scenery helps a lot.