Monday, September 24, 2018

2018 Color Challenge - Red Violet

The 2018 Monthly Color block pattern may have been simple and fast... but the fabric selection was not!

Red-Violet... my selection was limited.  I have used lots of various shades of purple, violet and lavender in the past with several of quilts that I donated to the local Alzheimer fundraising events.  But because of this... my options were limited, but I was sticking to my guns about using only fabric in my stash... I refused to purchase anything.

I had several pieces that were acceptable but were not large enough in size.  I have a fabric storage area in our guest room closet on the main level as well as a cabinet in the basement... and the scrap bin in my sewing room closet.  I must have walked back and forth at least 20 times in the hopes that something new would reveal itself.

In the end I finally settled...

I had to sew two pieces of the mottled red-violet fabric together to make it large enough.  It really isn't horribly noticeable, but it was not an ideal situation...  Sometimes you just have to accept the imperfections of life and move on!

If I were to do a second-chance block, I would make the corner squares four-patch blocks and do a totally scrappy look with the center nine-patch as well... 

This block was particular in "who it wanted to play with".  With scrappy blocks and quilts, the more the merrier!  You can just move a small piece around until it seems happy.  Something like a large group of people or a classroom... You can't seat Jimmy next to Adam because all they will do is fight.  And you can't seat Melody with Samantha because they are too much alike and will just get lost together...  You see, you want contrast as well as blending, but sometimes it takes placing a Billy or a Jennifer in between two "clashers" or two "too much alikes" to bring everything into peaceful a harmony.

In the music world, melody is the lead... harmony is to enhance the sound and offer a depth to the song.  It is meant to support the melody, not overtake it.  And when done properly, it can be a beautiful sound... However, if harmony overtakes the melody it sounds "off" and when someone sings the harmony part alone, well, let me be honest... it can be down right awful.

Finding the balance in music, as well as life, can be a challenge.  And when all is well balanced, it can be beautiful!  But when out of balance... things don't sound well or go well.  This is where I seem to be right now... life seems a little out of tune.

Image may contain: 9 people, including Dana Harvey Storch, Melva Nolan, Betty Flores and Phyllis Dana Beals, people smiling, people standing and indoor

I haven't had any needle and thread action for a number of days because of a class reunion event {{How is it possible that 35 years have passed??}}... It was definitely a good time, but I have MISSED my creative outlet/therapy!!!!  I think I will see if a scrappy version of this block can help to bring things back into balance.  

What do you do when things feel a little off?  

I'd love to hear from you!  Leave a comment below. :)

Seek Piece and find Peace...


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  1. Melva, I too had to piece one my red violet pieces, but that was because I cut it by mistake to put in the scraps before I had cut all the pieces. I think you did lovely. When I get out of sorts, I plan or unthread and clean my machine then rethread it. Sometimes I just need a small accomplishment to get straightened out.

  2. Finding balance is always a challenge! Your block looks great! Hope you get some more sewing time soon.

  3. I doubt anyone will notice the piece of fabric you had to piece together, it will blend beautifully. I hope you find your balance soon - it can be so difficult sometimes. When I'm out of sorts I give myself a pass and just try to be extra gentle with myself. It somehow makes it easier to get back on track.