Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Lift Your Hearts & Your Hands

Recently I was commissioned to make a gift for a friend... Glenda Kinkel is soon to be the Lay Director of the Emmaus of the Rockies Walk #175.  Having been a Lay Director in the past, I know that it is a huge undertaking... but I also know that it is not a task to be done alone.  There is an entire team that helps to make a successful, Spirit-filled weekend take place - a 72-hour event where the participants grow in their faith and belief in God and learn and experience God's grace in abundance.

Glenda has been leaning on God for the help and guidance needed for the Walk and the scripture from Lamentations 3:41 has been her focus...

When I first considered designs for a wall hanging I saw a blank canvas... and it remained that way as I prayed for a full week!  I pondered the words... and hearts and hands stood out to me.

I did a search for quilt blocks with the name "hands" in them.  I located the "Hands All Around" block... a curved, pieced block was mostly what I found. But I could not find a pattern that finished to a 12 inch block.

I did, however find this pieced block by the same name...

The "Hearts" part was easy... I pulled out my "Pieces of the Heart" block!

The cross is a log cabin style block that I made based on some pictures that I have seen.

When it came time for quilting, I had envisioned using my new ruler skills to create a Celtic Trinity symbol (indicated by the arrow in the photo above)... I did do a small amount of that to create the circles in the blocks.  I had searched for a simple design to follow (I used the one on the lower right.) I used radiating lines from the center of the cross in the lower portion of the quilt.  

Glenda, I pray that you are blessed as you lead the ladies on their personal journey on the Emmaus Road.



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  1. It came together beautifully, Melva. I am sure she will appreciate your support and all the love you poured into creating this for her.

  2. Beautiful and full of so much meaning. What a very thoughtful and prayerfully made gift!