Monday, April 23, 2018

April Color Challenge - Orange

Hey there!

The April Color Challenge featured Orange and is hosted by Patterns by Jen

Orange... What does orange mean to me?

It can mean a beautiful sunrise or sunset that calms my soul and warms my heart.  This is the view from our front window...

It reminds me of my high school - La Junta High School - whose mascot is a Tiger... Orange & Black ruled!  "We are the Tigers - Mighty are we - We are the Class of '83"  

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It is a fruit!  And one that I loved a child... still do, but know better now!  Too many oranges and I get the hives. 😔  The solution then was take an antihistamine and carry on... don't stop eating oranges.  Never!  

Like I said, I know better now. But, I tell you, there is nothing better than fresh picked oranges. MmmMmmMmm...

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Orange is also associated with fire - campfire is what comes to mind...

There is something so mesmerizing and peaceful about staring into a fire and watching the flames move and the embers glow.

I took this picture last year while on our fall Mountain Town vacation...

Ahhh.... I feel more relaxed already!

And I present to you my orange block... 

Another fun block that is a great exercise in color value.  Thanks Jen!

What does the color orange bring to mind for you?

Leave a comment to let me know...

Give away announcement!  The winner of the reverse applique pattern is Joyce.  Congratulations!  And I offer many thanks for everyone that participated. 💕

Keep calm and quilt on...


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  1. Orange can be such a fun color. It's bold and bright. Though it's not a color I use much and I'm not sure why. I love the subtle pops of blue in your block.

  2. I think of orange as fun and happy, and sweet (oranges, tangerines, creamsicles) I love it !!!

  3. Back in the 70s my Mum had her kitchen cupboards painted orange against sky blue walls :-) Now orange makes my think of Autumn - my favourite season.

  4. Warmth, sun, oranges warmed in the sun, that orange t-shirt when I was 16