Monday, April 30, 2018

Let's Go Camping - What You Take

This "What You Take" block is part of Pat Sloan's 2018 Let's Go Camping block of the month and it is nice and orderly... just the way I like things.  Including my lists for packing the camper.

Years ago when the girls were younger we had a pop-up camper that we would drag back and forth from Illinois (where we lived at the time) to Colorado (where my family lived - we eventually moved to CO, but that is a different story).

After we were living in Colorado and as the girls grew and became more active with their social lives (Girl Scout camp, trips and athletic and school events) the camper sat unused for a number of years.  It finally reached the point of dis-repair and we discarded it.  

Fast forward a few years to last fall when we borrowed  a truck camper.  It is the ideal size for Dave and I and we thoroughly enjoyed our 10 day mountain vacation.  So much so that upon our return home we made an offer to purchase the camper.

We are near camping season again and we are both excited to be hitting the road soon.  We don't know where exactly we will be going, but we know we will be going often for short trips (three-day, two-night) with our bikes in-tow, to explore the beautiful area that we live in.  There are lots and lots of National Forest land and state parks to explore within a few hours of our house.  

Now, I know that Pat designed the patterns to be on point, but since I am combining these blocks with the "It's A Wild Life" blocks, I am making the to be square.  I thought the Route 66 fabric was a fun addition to the block since we will be "on the road".

Last year as we prepared for our trip we had to stock the camper.  It was a quick an easy task since we had our "Camp Cook Box"  and pantry list from our years of using the pop-up camper.

And, of course we had a separate list for our meals/menu items.  

Oh, and we take "big girl/boy" coffee cups - real mugs - and happy hour glasses.  


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Am I missing anything??? 
Leave a comment about what you would take camping.  

I love hearing from everyone!



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  1. My husband and I always joke - as long as one of us remembers a credit card and some cash, we can always get what we forgot along the way. I hope you have some fun adventures and travels this summer!

  2. My husband and I camped forever, and we took everything! We had a truck with an 8-foot bed and a two-room tent. We took 4 x 8 boards to put the ten on, and air mattresses, and his kitchen and a tarp to cover it, and, and, and! Then we bought a 5th wheel. What luxury! We could leave things in the 5-er in the back yard until next time. Finally, we retired, sold our house and took off for 5 fabulous years of traveling the country. You can't beat that, if you have the traveling gene. No, we didn't miss having a house. No, we didn't plan every day where to go or how to get there. We were even known to flip a coin to decide whether to right or left! Yes, I did take my sewing machine, and yes, I did have fabric storage places here and there in the 5-er. Yes, my husband aided and abetted me by finding quilt shops on our route! I loved every minute of it, and wish I could do it again.

  3. Melva....nice to find your blog! Thanks for sharing at Tuesday Archives. I am a totally list maker too and agree real glasses are a must....anywhere! List addition: A citronella candle for evening happy hours????

  4. Whenever we travel I have to have books and a good reading light for when it goes dark. In the end DH rigged up a light to a car batter for me which he then charged each day so I could read when it went dark. Our Boys always used it too for their nightime reading in fact we used to have at least three boxes of books to go away with. Hope you have a lovely set of vacations. Hugs, Susie x

  5. I'm not a camper. But I must say you are very organized. And I like your block. Route 66 just says road trip. Have a good one.