Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Best of 2017

As another calendar year draws to a close many are taking the time to remember the past 12 months and ponder what they might do in 2018...

Cheryl over at Meadow Mist Designs is hosting a linky party for such an opportunity!  She has encouraged me to pick the "Best of 2017" - the top five posts or projects of the year.  So, here are mine... in chronological order of their occurrence. You can read the entire story on each quilt by following the links I have included by clicking on the quilt title.

Jen Rosin & Janice Holton hosted a fun mini blog hop that I nearly missed out on because I was in the midst of finishing a wedding quilt for my daughter's upcoming wedding... At the last minute I decided to take a break form the over-sized queen quilt and work on this mini quilt that offered plenty of opportunity for creativity.

#2 Love is...

This was a wedding gift that was designed for our youngest daughter, Rebecca, and her husband, David.  They have a very modern style in their house and this was a step out of the box from my typical quilting style (much more traditional) yet, it opened my eyes to something new.

#3 Heart of the Home

I have a passion for vintage quilts, traditional quilts and preserving family stories and heirlooms.  When a customer contacted me and asked me to turn this embroidered table cloth into a quilted throw I was excited to oblige...  

#4 Quilters Through The Generations

As I worked on the "Heart of the Home" quilt I pondered the history of quilting in my family and wanted to learn more about the quilters before me, so I began a series of stories featuring generations of quilters.  I learned that my own quilting roots run deep - at least 5 generations, including my own children... Be sure to read about all of the families I have featured.  

I have had a short break since the the last of the stories was shared, but the return of Quilters Through The Generations is coming soon!

Do YOU belong to a family of quilters???  Let me know.  I would love to share your stories!

#5 A Vintage Treasure

This restoration/repair was a challenge, but I was able to keep the center of the quilt complete with the original blocks by removing one side and edge of the quilt and using complete blocks to replace the severely damaged blocks.  I added wide borders with cross-hatch quilting so that it was large enough for a full-sized bed.  You can see some of the progress photos on instagram @MelvaLovesScraps

Now that I have reviewed my top five... Let's take a look at how I did in meeting my 2017 goals...

#1 Wedding Quilt - Check - story link above in Love Is

#2 Psalm 23 wall hangings -I had started with a total of 6 panels (4 at the beginning of the year)... I am down to two.  One was a gift of encouragement to a friend who had recently lost her husband and the other was a house warming gift for some friends - Check

#3  English Paper Piecing - I have a total of five hexies assembled... but am unsure when I will be "finished" with it... it is a road-trip project and it could go on for years!

#4 & #5 - A Tie project and Dresden Plate blocks - These two projects became one when I gathered the ties of my Grandpa and Dad and realized that there were not enough ties to complete a circle... So I pulled out a Dresden Plate template and picked out stitches from the ties to make Dresden Plates out of the ties...

#6 A Bear shaped baby quilt made of receiving blankets never even got started... 

BUT, I did get a Baby's First Year Quilt made for our oldest Grand-daughter...

I will have consider for a short time more what sort of goals I want to aspire for in 2018... 

What sort of goals are you planning for the coming year?

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Thanks for stopping by... and be sure to watch for the return of Quilters Through The Generations in 2018!

Sew Happy,



  1. You had a very good year, Melva. Looking forward to more of Quilters through the generations; they are such lovely stories.

  2. Quilters Through the Generations has been a really amazing series; thank you so much for your effort and sharing those stories. I look forward to seeing what you create in 2018!

  3. Some lovely finishes and soon to be finished. Good luck on getting them done in the new year.

  4. Very nice quilts. For me, EPP takes awhile. I've made an EPP grandmothers flower garden quilt all by hand. It took me 8 years but I didn't work on it full time. Who says all quilts have to be made fast? Looking forward to seeing what you have planned in 2018.

  5. Beautiful quilts and projects, I wish you a great new year!

  6. A wonderful best of list! It's been fun reading the Quilters Through the Generations series and I'm glad to hear you are continuing it next year. Hope you have a great New Year and look forward to all your creations in 2018!

  7. Great posts, I love the variety of quilts you have made in 2017. Thanks for linking up and happy new year!

  8. You have had a wonderful year and shown some great quilts, congratulations on your achievements.