Friday, December 1, 2017

The Holiday Season is Here!

The passing of Thanksgiving last week marked the "official" beginning of the Holiday Season...

This is the time of year that can get pretty crazy with all of the parties, gatherings and get togethers on top of everyone's regular schedule, that, let's be honest here, is sometimes, many times, most of the time already over busy.

During the past several years Dave and I have made it an intentional thing to live a more simple and relaxed life.  Being self-employed allows this to be a bit easier than when you have an employer dictating the hours and location of work, and an expectation of productivity. While we try to keep "regular business hours" (it is just part of our personalities! Type A), so that we are able to generate enough financial income to support the simple life we have.

That said, with the Holiday season in full swing, I am participating in a local Christmas Craft Extravaganza that will be held in a week.

I learned a few years ago that...

 I am not a "crafter"... I am a Quilter - 

I came to that conclusion because I do not "craft" or create items simply to pass the time and try to sell items at a price that barely covers the cost of materials.  No, I actually make a living on my sales.  

The upcoming show has been successful in the past and I look forward to showing the large variety of items I have available.

Last week I worked on bowl cozies, wine bags and aprons...

This week I have been making purses.  A variety of sizes and styles.  I guess my daughter who loves "bags" gets it from somewhere!  I love making them!  They are fun, and most of the time, quick projects. 

And I have had the opportunity to use fabrics that are not traditional quilting fabrics that found their way into my fabric closet from friends.  Most are heavier, canvas type fabrics - and in large quantities! Yards and yards of them...  And the fact that I have several fabrics that coordinate well together is a bonus!

Here are a few examples...

These were the most popular and I received several requests for them!  It is a good thing they come together quickly and that I had plenty of the green vine canvas, the plaid fabric and the green corduroy fabric... There were a few ladies that were ready to fight for them!  

And then there is this stow 'n' go market bag... This one wasn't as fun to make. Pfffft. <~ That's a raspberry sound, by the way.

The pattern was not well written and I struggled in the assembly of the bag and ended up disregarding some of the directions, but I managed to get it finished.  

I'm pretty sure it will be a one of a kind since I was not impressed with the pattern and tossed it in the trash.  

It does, however, fold up nicely for storing in the car or the glove compartment.

With the weekend just around the corner I think I will be finding something small, fun to work on... Hmmmm... So many possibilities!

And since there is only one month left in the year I think I need to re-visit my my list of "want to do" quilts and see what it is left undone.  

Or maybe I need to straighten up the mess that has been left behind in my studio from all of that productivity!

May your "Holiday Season" be fill with love and joy... and some not-so-crazy schedules!


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  1. Good luck on your show! I bet you'll sell tons of those bags--they are so cute! Thanks fro linking up to Wednesday Wait Loss.