Thursday, July 16, 2015

Lovin' a Good Challenge!

When I started the Broken Star Quilt I had no idea that I would encounter challenge after challenge...

It all started with the pre-cut pieces being various sizes.  Kits are supposed to be helpful

After deciding to not be overly attentive to making sure that I had precise points (because the puckers were worse than the mis-matched points) that brought me the challenge of getting the center to lay flat.  How to fix a broken star

Problem solved!

I am moving forward in piecing the additional 16 points needed only to discover another challenge... and sadly the only resolution to this problem is to do some un-stitching. **sigh**

The top diamond is one that came to me already assembled... the lower one is one that I completed...

The first one is substantially smaller... Below, the smaller one is placed on top of mine.

I have no choice but to un-sew the already assembled diamonds... I needed something to do this weekend, anyway. 

I have all of the colors spread out, in order (or so I thought), on my sewing table... I noticed that the dark purple stack was getting much smaller than some of the others... *Sigh* *Hangs head*  I had the light and dark purple positions mixed up!

More time with the seam ripper to correct the problem.  At least I only had two diamonds completely sewn together!  It was actually a really quick and easy correction and all is good.

I am just hopeful that, after 30 years of this kit moving from place to place and person to person, no pieces are missing.  THAT would just be the icing on the cake.

I do love a good challenge!  And this project has brought me several.  In the end I will be able to check off an item on my "Quilting Bucket List"!

What is on your bucket list?

Happy Sewing!


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