Thursday, July 9, 2015

How To Fix A Broken Star

Ok, so on Sunday I posted about the Rainbow Broken Star kit... If you haven't read it, you can find it here...  Kits Are Supposed to be Helpful

After assembling the first two diamonds and working very carefully to match seams to get nice points, I was frustrated again.  I decided that the points that didn't match perfectly were better than the puckers that resulted by trying to force them to match. 

When I simply went with the 1/4" dog ears on each end of the diamonds, amazingly, they matched up quite well, better than I had anticipated and by the end of the day I had eight points done.  I was curious about how they were going to come together in the center since I knew the diamonds were a little wonky because of the kit pieces not all being a consistent size.

I trimmed them up a tad and then started joining them.  The person for whom I am finishing this quilt wanted black filler blocks.  I joined them all up and was stunned at the beauty!

I was also surprised that there was not a bigger problem in the center than there was... 

There was a pucker, 

but I knew how I would tame it.

On a flat surface, and looking at the backside of the top, I took inventory of the situation.  I removed the stitches from the vertical and the horizontal seams...

I adjusted the seam depth with long straight pins until it laid flat.  I did this with all four seams and then I flipped the top over to view it from the top...

It looked pretty good, but there was still a little pucker... I adjusted, re-pinned and pressed until I was satisfied...

My final result?

And that, my friend, is how you fix a Broken Star!

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