Sunday, July 5, 2015

Kits... supposed to be helpful... Right?

Somebody recently sent me a kit for a Rainbow colored Broken Star Quilt that had been purchased and started 30 years ago...

This pattern is one that I have always admired and thought "someday I will do one... Someday..."

It has all of the pre-cut diamonds necessary... all 1,152 of them!  As I unpacked the kit I saw that there were already 8 diamond points assembled.  Cool!  Only 24 more needed...

I had also noticed that some of the assembled diamonds were "wonky". 

As I looked closely I thought it was simply a problem with inconsistent seams causing the points to not line up and make funky edges (like in the 2nd picture).

At first I had planned on using the original 8 points for the center of the quilt, thus allowing the original sewer to say that she had done the center star.  As I began to join them it became obvious that the wonkiness of the diamonds was going to be an issue. 

So I decided it would be better to sprinkle them through out the quilt top and began assembling the 24 additional diamonds.

I had all of the colors laid out in the proper order and started sewing... following the instructions provided I noticed that not all of the pieces lined up with 1/4" points over hanging, as shown in the directions...

If I flipped the piece it would fit better... up until the lavender, purple and blue.

When I placed one piece over the other it was evident that this was where the problem was!

I finished assembling rows and did a little trimming and I think it will be ok... but quite honestly... at this point I am just frustrated!

Kits... They are supposed to be helpful... as the one page of instructions (yes, JUST one page!) states - "save tedious time cutting"... One would expect that the pre-cut pieces are accurate!

Someday I will go back to this... Someday soon, (probably tomorrow) just not today!  I'm frustrated and not in the right frame of mind... I think I will go sit and watch some mindless tv.  I know that tomorrow will be a be a better day!

Have a blessed week!

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