Saturday, July 11, 2015

Run Back and Say Thank You!

Wednesday was a work day for me... For those that don't know... I am a receptionist for an oral surgeon that travels to Trinidad every other Wednesday... Many of the work days are packed with appointments with not much time for any of us (myself, the two assistants or the Dr.) to get a break even for lunch.  

Early this week I had spent some time in prayer for the "work day"- that it would run smoothly and that the patients would be calm.  And the day was just that, busy! But smooth and fairly calm...  I wrapped things up said my good-byes and went home.

While at worship team practice that night we were working on learning a new song - Forever Reign.  The leader uses a drum machine to add some depth to the song.  We were hammering out some harmonies and timings... and then we started again, at the top... we get going and the leader brings in the drum machine... at a much slower rhythm than all of us had expected and it brought the song to an almost slow motion kind of thing...  We all chuckled...

But in that moment, I saw my day, was reminded that I had asked for God's intervention on the day, to bring smooth and calm, and that I hadn't slowed down to acknowledge and thank Him for His hand in it...

And it made me think... How many times do I do this?  I daily try to have an attitude of gratitude, but do I remember to run back to Him and offer thanks and praise for His part in the situations I ask Him to help in?  

Another image flashes to mind... A small child receiving a toy, with great excitement.  They cannot wait to go play with it... they run off and then quickly come running back to the giver, with arms open, gives a big hug, says "thank you" and then runs off again.  

The words of the song we are learning speak of just that... "Oh, I'm running to Your arms, I'm running to Your arms. The riches of Your love will always be enough. Nothing compares to Your embrace..."

So, for today, I will be saying "Thank you"... recalling the many requests that I have made, offering thanks and praise and asking for continued blessings as I work on an interesting "Rainbow Broken Star" quilt

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  1. Beautiful thoughts. We teach our children to say Thank you, but often, in the rush of our days, we forget to say it. Thank you for sharing!