Thursday, April 2, 2015

Paper Piecing... in a T-shirt Quilt

My latest project has been a special gift for the grand-daughter of a friend.  She will soon be graduating from the University of Dallas and will then be commissioned into the Air Force.

Her Gramma took the time to shop the internet for a few shirts featuring the University and the Air Force.  The outcome? 

Since Sarah will be graduating and going into the Air Force, the idea was to have the UD in the center of the quilt and the AF quilts on the outer portions, representing her future in the AF. Here is the quilt top ready for borders...

There were a few vacant spots that needed to be filled... the largest on each side.  I offered a few options - 1) including a few more AF shirts that I had in my inventory. 2) A personal message/photo. 3) The sunbursts (a sort of play on the contrails from the jets)  As you can see from the picture, we chose the radiating sunburst.  A good choice, I believe!

I paper pieced the sunburst blocks.  The thing I like about paper piecing is the precision that you can get with them. The thing that I dislike about paper piecing?

The tedious task of removing the paper!  

I have found that using the back side of my seam ripper works well and quickly. I simply ran it along the stitching line while holding the top on my leg.  Using a shorter stitch length when piecing helps as well.  By doing so the "perforations" of the paper are closer and makes the removal of the paper easier.

This was the first time that I have incorporated blank portions of the t-shirts in a quilt and I am quite pleased with the outcome.  I will be delivering the finished quilt to Gramma & Grampa this weekend.  They are excited to see it.  I am excited to see their reaction and look forward to hearing about Sarah's reaction to the gift.

Thanks for the opportunity to celebrate Sarah's future!  
And many thanks to Sarah for her willingness to protect our nation!

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