Friday, March 20, 2015

Feeling Stuck... just for awhile.

My last post was about feeling victorious and successful as I completed the bitty blocks.

I also hinted that I was beginning a project for the Addicted to Scraps group through Quiltmaker.  All those blue and brown scraps were slated for a quilt, that in my initial idea was only going to be throw sized.

I have changed direction with the layout and plan to make a queen-sized quilt for us!  It is looking lovely!  Again, you will just have to trust me because I cannot reveal a picture at this time. But I really, really want to!

This quilt requires a total of 108 blocks. I started with gumption! I should have approached it as a marathon, not a sprint.  It seemed that after daaaaays of cutting and sewing I still have 40 blocks to complete.  Ugh... However, I think I have reached a steady pace and a plan for cutting and piecing the blocks.  I have broken down the layout and will approach the whole thing in sections. 

Yesterday I completed 20... The day before? 12. Today I hope to get 20 blocks done... well, at least 8 more... the cutting takes a looooong time!

One thing that I can say?  This project is certainly a scrap buster!  I am running low on brown "scraps", but thanks to a couple of kind and generous quilters in the group who have offered to pass on their brown scraps I know that I will make it. (Quilters have to be among the most caring and sharing people I know!  Even when it comes to sharing some of the most coveted things a quilter can have... fabric!)

But none the less, while I was indeed running low on browns, I pulled out some of the larger pieces of fabric (some fat quarters and 1/2 yard cuts) that I had from a collection that I inherited.  Success!

Now all I have to do is more cutting... :( cutting of the whites/lights... just 240 pieces and I can sit and sew... and sew and sew and sew... to my little heart's content.

I definitely see the "light" at the end of the tunnel!  Whoohoo!

For now I will take a break from piecing blocks and "piece" another scrub top for my daughter and get back at it on Monday morning.

Happy Spring!

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