Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Abandoned... but not forgotten

I was recently gifted an assortment of fabric scraps and yard-cuts from an Aunt.  When I received them, I quickly went through them for a quick inventory and then had to set them aside because of wedding details.

I had forgotten most of what was in there, but I did remember that there were 12 pieced blocks that were obviously intended for a quilt top, probably from a block of the month class or the likes. 

I pulled out the blocks and placed them on the design wall...

The biggest problem was that the blocks were not uniform in finished size.  They varied from not quite 12" to nearly 13".  My solution?  Well, in addition to the blocks there was extra fabric of all four fabrics used in the blocks, so I framed the blocks and cut them all to a uniform size, placed sashing strips between the blocks with cornerstones.

Then I needed to decide on borders, based on the remaining fabric.
Not bad for a "rescue" quilt. 
Since this was all stitched on my back-up machine, I need to wait for my "first string" machine to be returned so that I can quilt it and do the binding.  I haven't checked yet, but I am hoping that there will be enough of the dark teal/green for the binding.

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