Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Winds of Change

Plans for wedding #2 of this year are well under way.  Our oldest daughter got married in May.

And our youngest will be wed in October.  So... the changes to my wedding dress are under way.

I was touched and honored that she wanted to wear my dress and chuckled to myself when she expressed her concern that I wouldn't want to make changes to it.  My response was, "Well, honey, I'm not planning on wearing it again.  We can make whatever changes you want."

Gone are the sleeves and the lace and ribbon at the neckline.

 Oh, and I can't forget the addition of pockets! =D

It's a good thing there won't a lot of time required to change the dress.  Because I have a wedding quilt I need to get done, too!

The block name for the quilt is Summer Winds... It could be Winds of Change.  There have certainly been a lot of changes for us this year...

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