Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A Very Different Kind of "Happily Ever-After"

The wedding plans were moving forward... Plans for the showers were in place and the first shower invitations had been sent out... The wedding dress alterations were done. The quilt was nearly done.

And then we got the phone call that brought all of the plans to a halt.  There were questions and doubts in her mind and she felt that she could not overlook them and therefore, in a somewhat mutual decision, they called off the wedding.

It had to have been a difficult decision, but she has had the love, prayers and support of so many family and friends applauding her for making the decision now, rather than AFTER the ceremony. 

She has always wanted a fairy-tale story of her own... And she deserves it!  This just has a very different kind of "happily ever-after" ending - and it seems just perfect for now.  I love you, my princess!

So, for now... the wedding dress is placed back in the closet, the quilt will be finished an put away as well.  In all honesty it will probably become a wedding gift for someone else that we love when they get married, but I just cannot see giving this to Rebecca and a future hubby... It just doesn't seem right to do that... Anyone interested in buying it as a gift?

The center block has a sunflower medallion stitched in

I did free-motion vines and leaves in the background

The center back of the quilt has a pre-printed vintage marriage license


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