Thursday, February 28, 2013

Blessed from above, Made with love

I began quilting about 10 years ago.  I had always heard my Mom tell stories about her grandmother quilting and how she, as a young girl, would be allowed to join in and help the ladies from the Christian Church during the quilting "bees".  She always includes the story of how one time she left her grandmother's to go home.  She had forgotten something and returned and discovered her grandma was removing quilting stitches from the area that she had been working on. 

Quilting just interested me, and I think, is really just part of my DNA.  I learned to sew at about age seven in 4-H.  I made clothes. I made curtains.  I made pillows. I made repairs.  I made alterations.  While my sewing skills were advanced, I needed quite a bit of help with quilting. 

As my quilting skills improved with the help of quilting books and television shows, I learned that a quilt is never complete without a label.  The label should contain important information such as:

Name of the Quilt,
Maker of the Quilt,
and date.

It was on my first label that I started using the phrase "Blessed from above, Made with love".  From there I will usually list the recipient's name, occassion and date. 

But the thing that I want all people who receive or buy one of my quilts is that each stitch is made with not only love, but with prayer.  "I remember you in my prayers night and day (and with every stitch)" ~ 2 Timothy 1:3.  On fb I often refer to my sewing room as my happy place.  Or I refer to my time in my sewing room as "therapy".  I do love my sewing room!  It is a place that I can spend time in prayer and meditation as I make quilted items that can be a blessing to others. 

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