Monday, February 25, 2013

Aspen Leaves are falling...

Aspen leaves are falling... well, not really.  It is February and the Aspen trees are naked!  But in my sewing room the aspen leaves that I designed on paper were falling and failing!  It really is much easier to draw something out and make it look right that to re-create it with fabric pieces and strips and templates. 

My THIRD attempt, which was the best is still pretty pathetic.  As you can see, I even drew the leaf veins on it trying to make it look better.  Still unacceptable... I searched for a leaf pattern on-line and found a paper pieced pattern already existed.  These look much better - two down and 14 to go.  I know what I will be working on for the week ;)


  1. i love the final product! Can you remember where online you found the paperpieced pattern? I've searched and no luck.

    1. Thanks. I only remember that it was free and it was from Quiltmaker. I just did a quick search as well, but without luck. I know they changed their website several years ago and a lot of links for patterns were affected and lost.