Friday, February 22, 2013

The Invitation

So... In January I had contacted Quiltmaker Magazine regarding submission guidelines for their 100 Blocks publication.  After learning that it was by invitation only and for professional quilters only, I figured I didn't stand a chance at ever being able to submit an original 12" block pattern.

Just this week I received an invitation!  Quite a compliment, I thought.  I knew exactly which block I would submit - my Pumpkin Patch, log cabin style block.

I made the block, per instructions, signed it and then moved on to the paperwork... I felt completely defeated when I looked at it and realized that I would have to leave most of it blank. :(  I do not have a pattern company or a fabric line, have not been published and do not own my own shop.  I didn't give up.  I simply filled in N/A on most of the lines figuring "Well, you have to start somewhere!"

I then made another block - this one a pieced heart.

I sent them off to the editor yesterday.  I now wait.  According to the information I should hear within two weeks of the deadline (March 1) as to whether or not the blocks are to be included in the Fall 2013 publication.

In the mean time, I will work on the Bears in the Woods quilt that I have been commissioned to make as a wedding gift.  Twelve Log Cabin blocks and 16 pine trees done.  On to the "Aspen Leaves" blocks that I drew up.  Once I figure it out and perfect it, maybe, just maybe, I will have another block to submit to Quiltmaker Magazine.

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