Monday, August 16, 2021

Tuesday's Two-step

Sometimes life doesn't happen as you plan... sometimes it seems that things simply don't go smoothly.  That was this past week.  Nothing major and I did "roll with the flow" but just some speed bumps and detours... As the day that I was to leave approached life happened... we needed to attend a funeral that afternoon.  While it was not for anyone close to us, we needed to go in support a Christian sister as she said a final good-bye to her Dad.

And then word came that one of the ladies was unable to make it because she was ill.  Being cautious and not wanting to leave her out, we opted to postpone our time together until September.  

✔  Big horn sheep block 

With the completion of this block, I am half-way to being able to mark off another item in the Summer Camp Sewing Challenge that Fiona Sandwich is holding...  Sew any ten blocks!

✔  Release block #7 ~ Prairie Flowers ~ of the Pieces of the Santa Fe Trail Sew Along.

Marion's Mother needed to return to Missouri to care for her house that was vacant and unrented and in need of some care.  So in the heat of August, 1856 they began their journey in a small train of 20 wagons.  Because the wagon train was such a small party they were susceptible to many attacks.  Young eleven-year-old Marion shares some harrowing experiences... you can read about them by following the link above.

Since I had a change in plans and unplanned time at home I began the quilting on another quilt sent to me by my faithful customer in Texas.  This fun car quilt is for another great-grandson...

❧  I will be finishing it and the binding it this week... a full week ahead of schedule!

❧  We received a wedding invitation for a niece a few weeks ago.  They are getting married on October 16th so I need to settle on a quilt pattern for Janna and Justin and get a start on their gift. {Pronto!}  I have an 18"x20" panel that looks like an old-timey marriage certificate that I will incorporate into the back of the quilt, that will serve as the label as well.  

❧  Another niece is expecting her first child in October.  I need to get a baby quilt done for them as well {Pronto!}

Sometimes you just need to do a little two-step when your plans change and roll with life.

What will you be working on this week?

Who knows how to do the Two-step?  

Dave and I love to dance, but have never taken any dance lessons.  Years ago when my brother was single he and a few other friends took some country dance lessons to be able to meet the girls.  To my surprise, he was actually very good!

Leave a comment... you know I love to hear from you!

Stay Pieceful!


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  1. I will be working on binding three mini quilts. After that, I guess I'll pick an uncompleted project, a long term project or maybe even a new project or two to work on. My sewing mojo comes and goes so I always have lots of things started or kitted up to work on depending on how I feel. I really love that Marriage Certificate panel. That will make a beautiful label for a wedding quilt.

  2. Your big horn sheep looks awesome! That marriage certificate panel will be an awesome label for the quilt. I love it. I used to love to dance, but the knees do good to walk around now, so my dancing is like Pastor Bob Joyce - from the waste up now - or like "the Fonz!" LOL I am working on finishing a pillow that was begun three years ago and quilting and binding a mini quilt. I'll be hosting TGIFF this Friday so really want to get these two things checked off my PHD list!

  3. Well, what I thought was going to be a quiet week has turned out to be quite busy (I know, it's only Tuesday, but I already feel like it's Thursday!). I need to get a binding on a quilt I'll be picking up today, and I think I can get that done; anything else will be gravy!

  4. This week I'm finishing binding a quilt from last year, and I love it so I'm glad it will be out soon! I am interested in your vacation quilt and looking forward to seeing it. Hubby and I took dance lessons for our son's wedding 10 years ago, and now we try to pretend to dance at every wedding we go to.

  5. Hi Melva! Life does sometimes take an unexpected turn that are unplanned. The car quilt for your grandson is just adorable! A wedding and a baby in October - you'd better get on that, missy. I suspect showers will be upcoming in September without a doubt. Oh gosh, I just love to dance. I talked a bunch of friends into joining line dancing at a local bar. We had so much fun and so many laughs without a single drink! {{Hugs}} Sending you good vibes and lots of good wishes. ~smile~ Roseanne

  6. I love the wheels on that VW Bug quilt!!! They made me smile!!! Good job rolling with the punches of life.

  7. With our recent family issues I fully understand your life changes! Good luck with the list that seems to be growing every time you turn around! Thanks for linking up with To-Do!

  8. This week we have been visiting with my siblings in the Puget Sound area, and today sis set up a Sweat Shop in her dining room for both hubby and I to work at. I finished one little top for a doll size quilt, and made good progress on another of similar size. She had gifted hubby some 2 1/2" strips and he got busy piecing.

  9. The cars are adorable though I really love that long horned sheep block!