Friday, August 20, 2021

Rules of the Road

When it comes to following rules, I think we can all agree that safety should be first when driving...

There are so many cars, some going in opposite directions, on this quilt with only ONE stop sign.  It looks like chaos could ensue any moment now!  

I did outline stitching of the cars and tires and because of the one and only stop sign, I used meandering loops.  I actually caught myself singing... 
🎵🎤 "The wheels on the cars go round and round, round and round, round and round." 🎵

This was a fun quilt to finish for my customer.  I am sure her great-grandson will love it!

Once again, I love the Hobbs Heirloom Fusible batting for the finished results that it offers.  It is 80% cotton and 20% poly, so there is a small amount of shrinkage that takes place when you wash and dry the quilt.  It is super inviting to snuggle up under!

This quilt took me back to when our girls learned to drive.  Dave was the one to teach them... I recall being in the car when our youngest was behind the wheel for the second or third time (why was I thinking it was "safe" to be in the truck with her and Dave?) and I was certain there was going to be a head on collision involving us!  After a little more experience, she was allowed to do some highway driving as we made a cross-country trip for our summer vacation.  I would volunteer to move to the back and promptly go to sleep.  And it seemed that not long after her getting behind the wheel we would end up in a construction zone with slower speeds.  Was God protecting us??? LOL!  She has turn out to be a safe driver, it just took some time.

Have you ever taught someone to drive?

Tell me of your experiences!  I'd love to hear.

Safety first!


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  1. Those car blocks are adorable. Congrats on the finish.

  2. What a cute quilt, Melva!! Yes, I remember when our daughter was learning to drive. I left most of the "education" to my hubby who had more nerves of steel than I did!! I remember one trip to Atlanta to visit the grandparents, in which she was driving. I sat in the back and kept myself busy most of the time!! LOL She's a good driver, but occasionally gives me butterflies when riding with her. Thanks so much for linking up with TGIFF today! Have a great weekend!

  3. Beautiful quilt. Hubby decided to teach me to drive, in the sugarcane fields. It was an experience he never forgot and instead he paid for driving lessons with the driving school. A friend decided she should get me to get driving practice, without telling me the brakes on her mini was not working we drive all over, up and down hills. Getting back to the apartment when I tried to brake, there was no brakes. The mini came to a stop at the bumper of a priest living in the same apartment building. It was Devine intervention and we have never heard such colourful language from a man of the cloth ever since. Did get my license, just about the time the hubby gave up on me ever getting it. It was all manual cars in those days, no automatic cars.

  4. Hi Melva! Oh, I'm so happy to see details about this c.u.t.e. quilt today. It is just adorable and one that I think I'd like to make for Chase. He has been lacking in quilts just for him and I need to fix that right away! Thanks so much for the earworm with the wheels on the bus . . . good thing I have access to music or I'd be humming that all day. We did the behind-the-wheel experience for our niece and nephews! Sometimes I think it is easier without a parent involved - we could easily say slow down or move over (you're going to hit the parked car FOR SURE!!) calmly. HAHA! I remember those days as if it were yesterday. Thanks for sharing the cute eye candy today. It turned out just great. ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. The car quilt is so cute. I have never taught anyone to drive although I did help teach our daughters. The teaching was mostly left up to drivers ed and my husband as I am a nervous passenger and that does not help someone learning to drive.

  6. we taught all 5 - I am so glad I lived to tell the tale

  7. When it was time for me to begin to drive my brother had borrowed out automatic car for his honeymoon, so I was stuck with our old stick shift truck to try out on with Daddy. He shifted and I did the footwork and cried all the way to the stop sign about 2 city blocks away. I struggle with comprehending difficult things like coordinating the foot work with the shifting, or other things of similar ilk. They sent me to the driver's training class at the school where there were automatic cars to learn on. WHEW!

  8. Wow! This quilt is adorable! Yes, I taught my son to drive - or at least got our hours in while he had his permit. How I loved those times!

  9. A lovely quilt, and my grandson would have loved it too. My eyes fell on that hexagon at first sight. I love driving, and have taught my son to drive, at least I tried. He was laughing at me, and didn't think I was too good, I think. Anyways, he drives very well today.

  10. This is super cute! Thanks for linking up to the Favorite Finishes Monthly Linkup Party!