Monday, May 24, 2021

Tuesday's Check-in

 I knew it had to happen eventually.  I had been on a good roll with a good attitude, and things going better than planned... and then today came.  

Last week I had hoped that I would have a Friday finish with the brand quilt...  I realize that was wishful thinking, but, hey, a girl can dream. Right?

After sending off the Cowboy quilt I pulled out the Brand quilt.  After outlining the appliqued brands I framed each block and then had the crazy idea that I should learn to quilt in a rope design in the borders.  I found a sample of the quilting and I watched some how-to videos and then started practicing with the jig that Dave made me a few months ago.

It has been really handy!  After feeling comfortable I moved to a piece that I could practice on.  After several attempts, with disgust and frustration, I set it aside and pulled out my Santa Fe Sew Along blocks and the fabric I had selected for cornerstones and sashing strips.  This is the best of my practice...

I soon found myself smiling again in finding a way to use the leftovers of the fat quarters I had used for the 12 blocks in a border for the quilt.  I have my top assembled!  Fabric requirements and cutting instructions are a visual on the horizon... like an early morning dawn on the prairie and the sun slowly rising.

✔At least I can mark that off of my To-Do list.  

Back to the Brands... **sigh**  I found several other distractions outside of the studio to pass time and avoid the ropes...  Eventually, I returned to the rope design again, after seeing where I had made the flaws that prevented it from actually looking like a rope.  Only my feeble attempts weren't really any better.  Probably because I was still greatly annoyed.  And then even more so after telling my husband that I had changed my mind about the ropes and would do something different... he responded with "So, you're going to do something easier?"  

Now I am even MORE annoyed! 
 I explained my fear of trying it on the quilt, not being happy with it so much that I HAVE to rip it out... so yes.  Yes, I plan to do something easier.  He quickly retreated to his shop, as he muttered something about how the rope is still the best option.

Fine...  (we all know what that means)  I'll go find something else to do until I feel like going back to the ropes.  That's where this whiney, pathetic post comes from.  

I still want to give up and do a simple braid, but Noooooo!  I have another annoyance picking at me and telling me to get back into the studio and try the rope again... again, aaaand yet again, until I am beyond the fear of needing to spend time with Jack.  

I know he's right... It really is the best option.  Yes, I will tell him that.  But not until this annoyance of a quilt is done and delivered.

So the word of the day is "annoyed".   

I promise... the next time I am here, I will have a better attitude.  

Any tips in turning this stinky attitude around?  

Leave a comment... I could use your help!  Maybe I need to go clean... the kitchen floor is in need of a mopping.  😣

Keep Quilting,


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  1. Lori Kennedy has a tutorial on a twisted rope design. Maybe she'd have some tips for you? I'm confident your attitude will come around :-)

  2. Is it possible to trace the rope design on tracing paper, pin to the quilt, quilt through the paper, and tear away the paper? I have done this technique successfully in several projects. :)

  3. I totally understand your frustration, Melva! A couple of different ways you might try when you get back to it would be: You could try making them like you would oblong, slanted pebbles and overlap half each time. Or, like a feather and bump back to start the next one. I drew them out on some paper both ways but didn't draw a column to keep them in line, so it became a wayward rope! LOL Maybe that will help some. Hey, when you are mopping you can practice making a rope with the mop! LOL LOL!!

  4. Relax--maybe you are trying to hard.

  5. Is there a way to do it in two passes, so you don't overstitch? And the part that isn't in black, that practice looked pretty good. Maybe just use matching background thread and give yourself permission not to be perfect at it. =)

  6. Tell your husband to quilt it if he wants the #@$ $#*&! Rope.

    1. O.My.Gosh. This made me laugh so loud! Thanks for speaking what I wanted to...

      Blessings, M

  7. I had to laugh at Sarah's comment too. That seems very complicated to get exact to me Melva, but I am not a machine quilter so I'm impressed with whatever you would do. You have good suggestions here to try at least. So happy to see another SAL here!

  8. Sounds like you are like me, and want to do it right the first time, on the nice quilt top I'd just made! But we need to practice on scraps first. Try drawing the design ... I watched at a quilt show a few years back someone teaching this using plexiglass and a marker for a dry erase board, and under the plexi your quilt block or whatever area you are hoping to fill. Teaching your hand memory is a big part of the learning.

  9. My best advice, use a thread color that won't stand out and ignore the mis-steps. No one else is going to focus on them! By the end of the quilt you will be a pro with the motif. Thanks for linking up with To-Do!