Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Inspiration and Creativity

Just this morning I saw something about how taking a break from your normal quilting practices can actually spur on creativity and new inspiration and ideas.

I have experienced this very thing!  I have also found that by doing quilting for others and trying to incorporate their "thing" into a quilt or quilting expands my comfort zone.  Blocks of the Month and Sew Alongs are also a good way to stretch your inspiration as well as try new techniques on for size. 😉

I have been blessed to be able to have my comfort zone stretch in the past month with several custom quilt orders as well as quilting for customers.  I have loved the results and firmly believe the statement "You can't use up creativity." 

It may very well be the reason that I am rockin' and rollin' through the quilt orders that I have had recently.

The Brand quilt top is done and the wool batting is on order.

So I have moved on to the last of the original custom orders... another t-shirt quilt.  This one is for a friend that has been involved in TOPS (Taking Off Pounds Sensibly) for many years.  Sue was among my friends that made the magnetic prayer boards.

She loves the color purple and anything Red/White/Blue .  I'm not sure what focus fabric I will use for the sashing strips and borders, but I'm sure an idea will come together that will seem just perfect for her. 

Those magnetic prayer boards were inspiration for another project that I led the Women's Ministry group in at our church.  We are getting ready to begin a new study and so we made personal prayer journals that will be utilized with the study when we start next week. Our journals are as varied as our personalities...

Which reminds me of how each of the blocks that have been shared from the Santa Fe Trail Sew along are equally as diverse and different.

Wendy Tuma shared on her blog about her blocks... You should check it out! She lives not far from the land mark Maiden Rock in Wisconsin.  Marion Russell made mention of this point of interest in her memoirs so Wendy took inspiration from the scenery for her Double Nine block and then took a "field trip" to do a photo shoot.  

So all of this inspiration and creativity has actually kept me from doing some of the computer tasks that I really need to to get to.  

I have patterns to write out for the Sew Along in addition to the TOPS quilt to assemble... oh, and I have another baby cowboy quilt that arrived recently. 

My customer, once again, created each of the cowboys to represent individuals in the family.  Those great-grandbabies are so lucky!

It is time to get back to my To Do List!  I am list maker... A friend recently shared that she has discovered that it helps her to make lists as well.  And she has adapted the idea of tackling the task that she most dreads FIRST... Because after that everything else is easy.  Seems like a good idea, and sometimes I will do that.  

But I tend to prioritize by how long a task will take, compared to how much time I might have available.   I hate leaving things half-done.  But, of course, if there is a deadline that item gets more attention, well in advance, because I hate working under pressure!

What is your strategy for tackling you To-do's?

Leave a comment... I love to hear from my readers.

Piece Out,


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  1. Thanks for the highlight, Melva. That was a fun day, taking that block for a spin! I am a list maker as well, but I tend to procrastinate, so working under pressure is a thing for me. I'm learning not to do that as much as I get older though :-)

  2. Hi Melva! I love that quote and have to agree with it. I seem to tailor my to-do list to what I can actually accomplish the next week. If I get more done, then I add it as a bonus or extra. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. That quote is so true - and a much needed reminder! Its okay to take a break.
    Now your Brand quilt - Oh man - I love that!! Great job!!!

  4. It's true: All it takes is making a project for a particular person (or client) in mind or joining a BOM to expand our creative horizons a bit. It's a reminder I needed to hear today. : )

  5. The cowboy quilt: what are the red squiggly things wearing hats? red hot chili peppers or headless (hidden heads) of some kind of dinosaur?

    1. They are cowboy boots with the cowboy hat resting on top of them. :)

  6. Great post,Melva. I have always wanted to make a t shirt quilt but have yet to accomplish this task other than gather the tshirts. Super sweet cowboy quilt too. Have a great week.

  7. I do charity tops my guild mates have made, it's a perfect breather for me from my own projects and sometimes gives me ideas on finishing my own. Thanks for linking up with To-Do Tuesday, sorry I am late in reading last week's!

  8. I'm a list maker too. Another quilter suggested a white board, a picture frame for a white board or an old window for a white board to keep myself on track. With the IB monthly challenges and blog hops I join it really helps. My sister picked up an old 6 pane window for me at a flea market that sits on my cutting table. It kind of provides inspiration along with the reminders of things to do. For instance, October I have a Halloween project to make. While I am working on something I may sit and think about what to make while I sew which prevents last minute decisions. Thank you for linking up to Put your foot down and good luck on your sew along.