Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Checking Off the To-Do's

One by one the quilts that I felt so overwhelmed with a few weeks ago are getting done.  Two down (basically)!  Two to go...

I say basically because the baby quilt ~ Remembering Grandpa Ray ~ while done, still needs a label.  In fact, after the shower for my daughter, I was informed that the pink and grey giraffe quilt did not have a label on it.  WHAT?!?  How did that happen.  Heather figured that I was waiting for Hanna's arrival so that I could include the date and other vitals on it.  Um, yeah!  That's it!  LOL.  

When I went to my closet to see what I had available in quilt labels I realized the real reason... I didn't think any of them were just right for it.  

I headed over to spoonflower and designed my own.  They have a nice selection of already designed quilt labels, but I decided I wanted to have my MelvaLovesScraps logo on it...  I designed two labels.  The first with my standard saying on it - "Blessed from above and made with love". 

This second one is one that I can include on a quilt made by someone else, but quilted by me.  This is the one that would have been a nice addition to the Cowboy quilt... but that is a completely different rabbit trail!

Back on track with moving forward on my quilt que...  Up next is the "Brand" quilt.  This is for my brother, Kelvin...  The squares have been cut and I have started placing the appliqued brands on them.  

But first it was necessary to talk details with him... 

Are the V and the 7 at the same angle?  Meaning is the V just turned so that what would be the right side of the V is a flat top 7?  And the H is centered between the two of them?

On the X one, the bottom bar is the overall width of the X with the tail extensions?

FI) - is the lower bar of the F shorter than the top one?

Same on the WF?  And should the height of the lazy W be the same as the sideways/backward F?

On Joe's 8Z/ should the slash be touching the bottom of the Z?

I recall a conversation from my childhood with my Dad about brands and the importance of details and how a smart rancher will select a brand with few components, making the job of branding go faster and smoother.  Thus the question of the V7H... In the drawing the right vertical line of the V is not at an angle and the same piece can be used for the 7, but turned on its side.  

Here's my progress so far...

That center brand is our Dad's, thus the size and placement of prominence... the rest belong to other family members or close friends... but each has significance to Kelvin.  I'll have to get all of the details before it is finished.  There will be dark brown sashing strips and a wide border.  He wants it to be "fluffy".  High loft batting isn't something I do... He also stated he wants it to be warm.  So, I am thinking of wool batting and flannel backing.  That may be as "fluffy" as he gets.  He also doesn't want a lot of quilting on it... Um... quilting is what holds the batting in place.  Maybe some big stippling?

I am open to suggestions.  
How do I achieve all that he is asking for?

Be blessed and quilt happy!


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  1. What an interesting quilt for your dad! The wool will be fluffier - at least QD is. I think a large stipple would be very nice on it. Different to do something for someone with set ideas, but who doesn't know anything about quilting. =)

  2. I would think if you put the majority of the quilting along the sashing etc he won't even know it's there. Then maybe the big stippling in the blocks? Or maybe just a little bit of echo around each brand?

  3. Love your label design. The brand quilt looks very interesting. I like Quilter's Dream Wool Batting, very warm and somewhat fluffy. Flannel back sounds warm. Not much quilting? Hmmm ... maybe machine quilting in brown in the sashing and black SITD on the brands and a single gray or black outlining of the brands? Just my thoughts. I am sure you will find the perfect touch. Looking forward to watching this quilt grow ... :) Pat

  4. Hi Melva! You are really working that to-do list quite systematically. I love the label excuse, especially when it's provided for you. Yeah, I wanted to add her exact arrival date - that's why there's no label. I love how your brother's quilt is coming together. That's a really cool concept and how special! His take on "fluffy" to me means soft - not stiff with loads of quilting. Really warm - well, quilts always are nice and warm but the wool batting would amp up that, too. I can't wait to see it all finished! ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. Looks like you are moving along on things. I must try the spoonflower for labels!! Thanks for linking up with To-Do!

  6. Great call on needing to put the brith info on the label! Love this "brand" quilt. Anything you quilt will be lovely.