Friday, January 22, 2021

Pinky the Giraffe

I introduce to you Pinky The Giraffe.  Our little gal Hanna will be arriving in May and her Momma wants to decorate the nursery with giraffes.  Based on a crib set that was included in her registry, I decided to do a patchwork single giraffe... in pink and grey.

I was doubtful about how it would look, but I am totally in love with her!

On my Tuesday To Do list I stated that I needed to purchase fabric for the quilt... turns out I didn't need to purchase any at all!  

This is all from my stash and scraps.  Even after purging from my over-filled scrap bin!  

Happiness is... sending off all the scraps that had been requested and paid for.

All I have left is green, brown and black... LOTS of green!

Still available, Here's the deal... You can choose the color/s that you want - all you have to do is pay for shipping ~ $10 for an envelope or $20 for a box (stuffed to their capacity!) to cover the cost of priority mail postage and to print a label (US addresses only).  

Send me an email at with your request and I will then give you my paypal or venmo username.  You send the payment with a mailing address and I will print off a label and send the envelope or box off to you.

Funny story ~ The other day Dave had some jeans that needed repaired.  Now, I know there are plenty of jokes about quilters not hemming pants or repairing items, but I do it all!

I saw this picture on social media and asked him if I could patch his pants like this...

He didn't think it was funny... so I just did a boring ol' repair.

The last time our grand-daughters were here, one of them had a hole in the knee of her pants.  Grandpa had stated "Grandma could fix that for you."  Had they been staying for a few more days, I really would  have patched her pants like this.  =D

Does anyone else remember when patchwork and embroidery repairs on jeans was in style?  Ok, maybe I am aging myself... but back in the 70's - bell bottom jeans... Anybody?  Lol!

Leave a comment... I'd love to hear if you remember this as well. 

Keep Piecing!


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  1. Yes, I remember bell bottoms. And I used to make garments, and hem my own jeans. In the ol' days.

    Pinky is a sweetie. And you obviously are expecting a bundle of pink. Congratulations to all.
    And I will pass on the scrap collections. I have overflowing amounts of my own.

  2. I remember the bell bottoms and the embroidered garments. I also remember being skinny and wearing hip huggers!

  3. Remember pairing hip hugger bell bottoms with go-go boots? Ha, ha!

  4. Melva, I love Pinky!! You did a great job and I know this will be treasured by your granddaughter and her family!!

  5. Boy, do I remember! I started college in 1970----bell-bottoms, long straight hair parted in the middle, hip huggers with wide belts, all kinds of embellishments on everything! Oh, and I had a 20 inch waist back then and weighed 105 pounds soaking wet. Today is a much different story. Thanks for the memory, Melva! Pinky is positively adorable. Fitting for a positively adorable baby (aren't they all, though?) Blessings from WV.

  6. Does anyone remember jeans turned into a skirt by adding triangles of fabric. maybe string-piecing those triangles would bring this idea up-to-date?

    1. Yes! My girls both did that when they were in HS... 15ish years ago.

  7. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pink giraffe!
    And I LOVE how you are de-stashing your scraps! I may consider doing that sometime in the future!
    Happy Quilting! :-)

  8. Your giraffe is so sweet. I guess your husband doesn't like your sense of fashion regarding patching his pants. I do remember embroidering on my own worn out jeans when I was a teen. Yes, hip huggers and bell bottoms and halter tops that had to be tied in a knot to avoid boys pulling the ties.

    Speaking of patching, I just recently patched my husband's outdoor vest. the pockets had holes in them and there was a big gash in the back. He would often joke that someone stabbed him there. I patched up the pockets with hexies. For the back gash, I carefully cut our a patch from red fabric in the shape of blood dripping and patched it with that. I did it for a joke, figuring I would redo it after he saw it. But he laughed about it and left it that way. He's worn it several times since.

  9. your giraffe is just so cute!!! he looks so happy!! Good job - sorting off the scraps! its kinda refreshing isn't it?

  10. LOVE the giraffe! I wore Hip Huggers that were Bell Bottoms. I never patched with embroidery nor fabric patches. Personal choice.

  11. Remember? Embroidery on jeans, yes. Patchwork on jeans, no. MUST remember the photo you posted (because I think I need a pair of those quilty jeans!!!)

  12. Such a cute pink giraffe. I remember those bell bottoms very clearly. We are obviously ladies of a "certain age".

  13. Pinky is pretty cute and will be so loved.

  14. What a charming giraffe Pinky is! She is going to be loved and dragged all over the place unless she goes on a wall. Hope your other scraps find a new home.

  15. Cute giraffe! And I agree, repairing a jean like that is much more fun ;))

  16. I love the giraffe! That is so cute! Congratulations on getting rid of so many scraps.

  17. Hi Melva! Pinky the Giraffe is adorable. Not as adorable as Hanna will be, but she will definitely feel all the care and love that you stitched into every inch of this special quilt. Oh heck yes, I remember having bell bottom jeans that were patched as nicely as the picture you've shared. ~smile~ Roseanne

  18. I wore bell bottoms - and they were so long that the bottoms rubbed on the ground and ended up in tatters. I had to explain to my Mother that that was the point! I also repaired jeans with scraps of fabric - the 70's were a strange time! Susan from Canada