Thursday, October 24, 2019

A Time For All Seasons - Gathering Leaves

As the calendar turned over to October the days were still warm - quite warm.  We were still able to sleep with the windows cracked open... we even camped with very little need for the heater overnight.

As I write this post it is in the mid 30s and it there is snow on the ground!  Not just some snow... but at least 10 inches... and wet, heavy snow!  We desperately need the moisture as we have had little to none since August.  And with the fall winds that made their return (indicating a change is seasons), along with the warmer temps we had, it makes for high fire danger.

The seasons have definitely made the change...  

Carla over at Creatin' in the Sticks offered the patterns for the A Time for All Seasons block of the month.  

The flaming red maples in our front yard were in full glory and looked beautiful!

And then there was a cold front that moved in and we had a heavy freeze... so much for the flaming red!  The leaves actually turned to a deep purple, much like Carla's in the picture above.

As I started my leaf blocks I really had started with the intention that I would do two of them... one scrappy (of course!) and the other with all leaves one color (like Carla's).

However, because it was the day after driving to an appointment nearly 4 hours away, my mind said NO...  

I got the one color block done and decided that I would do something really  simple for the second block... 

using fall prints that had leaves on them and the same basic block layout, I created this one...  >>>

It reminds me of the falls in the mid-west... the variety of color in the fall was brilliant!  Colorado has some wonderful fall colors (mostly gold with some reds from the oakbrush), but my personal opinion is that falls in the mid-west are certainly more colorful, but definitely lack the warm fall days that Colorado gets.  

In the mid-west, once the cold hits it is there until the spring thaw... 

While Autumn has made a temporary disappearance... just before Halloween, which is typical in Colorado, I am not going to worry because Indian Summer will be back and we will have one last opportunity to go camping...   Promise!  

Fall has many traditions...  Harvest festivals, trick-or-treating, Thanksgiving... it kinda kicks off the "holiday season".  

What is your favorite Autumn tradition?  

Leave a comment... I'd love to hear from you!

Snow day, sew day?  Stay calm and quilt on, 

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  1. Wow! I can't believe you had all that snow. I live in the South so we might get a dusting or two during the Winter--then again, maybe not. It has just started being cooler at night. The days are very nice, but the rains are coming in so I am sure the cooler weather will follow.
    Your blocks are very pretty. The leaves look just like the ones on your tree. I really like it.

  2. The season dates have changed here in the midwest. It seems winter is starting later and running further into spring, here in the St Louis area anyway. It also seems the zones have shifted. Rarely do we have a winter now where I have to bundle up to stay warm, wearing a long sleeve shirt and hoodie is mostly my winter attire. Can't forget the ear muffs, I hate having cold ears. Your blocks look great, thank you for linking up to Put your foot down. It's always a pleasure to read your posts.

  3. I love looking at the aspens in the Sierra Nevada Mountains...pockets of bright yellow amidst the green of the evergreen trees. Occasionally there will be flame-colored areas (not sure what tree) that makes it look like pockets of fire on the mountain. Still t-shirt daytime temps, but we have already had a hard freeze and one day of a rain/snow mix on the valley floor...if we were higher than 4,500 feet, they got snow earlier this month. I love Indian Summer!! Love your block and I totally get why you went easier on the second one!!

  4. Decorating the house for fall, meaning Thanksgiving and transitioning into Christmas, No holloween at my house, sorry. Will have to dig out the turkey small quilt and the ceramic turkey that has a candle inside it soon. Then the snow people!

  5. Gorgeous fall leaves photos!
    I love going apple picking in the fall and enjoy raking leaves.
    When the kids were young, we used to make piles and they would jump in the leaves!

  6. I love Fall decorating! I've got a lot of Halloween pieces that always make me laugh. One of my favorite times to pull out pumpkins, skeletons, etc! Your Falling Leaves turned out pretty!

  7. Love, love, LOVE your flaming red maples!! Looking up at treetops make such pretty photos. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Ugh on 10 inches of snow! Beautiful Autumn tree photos! Your blocks are lovely and totally fit in with this time of year. Thank you for linking up to Creative Compulsions!

  9. Each fall 2 grandkids come to visit us and we go to a pumpkin farm. Great fun to look at the pictures over the years. I just made some of these leaf blocks for Block Lotto. They are always a fall favorite.