Friday, November 23, 2018

November Color Challenge :: Blue-Green

Jen at Patterns By Jen chose Blue-green as the color of the month for November... one of my favorites.  I mean it is part of the blue family!  Blue!  What's not to love about blue... the various shades, levels and depths of life!  The sky, bodies of water, birds, flowers, etc.  

If you missed it, I recently finished a quilt inspired by Monet... I called it my Monet Mosaic.

Blue-green, or turquoise, is a common color found in the Southwest region of the United States and my Grandparents were all about the history of the Southwest and the Reservations.  They lived for a short time in Santa Fe, NM before moving to Tucson, AZ.

They had numerous "Indian Rugs" in their house and Grandma had a collection of turquoise and coral jewelry. 

And for the amount of jewelry Grandma had and the frequency that she wore her Squash Blossom necklace and Concho belt, you would think that there would be a picture somewhere!  But since once could not be located... you will just have to use your imagination. 

They loved traveling to the many canyons that were home to the Native Americans... places like the Grand Canyon, Canyon de Chelly and Mesa Verde are just a few that come to my mind.  I visited all of these places as a child and was unimpressed and under-whelmed. LOL! I do enjoy exploring similar places and learning about the history of the land and the people that occupied it now as an adult... in limited doses.   While my Grandparents would enjoy two or three days at Mesa Verde, Dave and I were content with one last year.   

I thought my block over this stock photo of the Grand Canyon worked well...   If only I had been able to make the trip myself!  ๐Ÿ˜‰

All Pieces

If you have a love for Native American hand-crafted jewelry go check out my cousin's page Silver Sisters Jewelry (Lori and I were close friends in school and then became family when she married a 2nd cousin.)  I am certain that my Grandma would have selected a few items from her inventory.

Some people can rock the turquoise and silver jewelry... I find most of it too big and chunky for my tastes.  But I can appreciate some dainty pieces... or pearls and diamonds. It's just the way I roll. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Are you a fan of Southwest decor, jewelry and history?

Leave a comment... I'd love to hear from you!

Quilt Happy!


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  1. Congrats! on your Monet-inspired finish. Great use of those blue-green scraps!!

  2. I don't care for what is labeled "Native American" jewelry, but I do like Navajo, Hopi and Zuni pieces, which are all very distinctive. I taught among the Dinรฉ for three years, and loved the people and the place. It grows on you. =) Some of the fathers made beautiful pieces for me, and a grandmother wove a lovely small rug in Ganado reds, grays, blacks and whites. My son has recently bought some land near Holbrook, and in about 5 years, I look forward to returning to that part of the country. It's near the Petrified Forest National Monument, and you can see forever from there. =) I can easily picture your grandmother. =)

  3. Lovely block! I'd love to see the Grand Canyon!!!

    1. It is really very majestic and pictures simply don't do it justice. I hope you can make it some day. :)