Friday, August 24, 2018

2018 Color Challenge - Red-Orange

The August block for the 2018 Monthly Color Challenge featured the blended color Red-Orange...

As I pulled my stack of orange fabric out and started selecting the pieces I wanted to use I recalled the numerous sunsets on the lake that we enjoyed when we had our boat.  A sunset cruise with a glass of wine (for me) and beer (for Dave) was a wonderful way to end a hot day... no schedule... no phones (it was the age of "cell phones for emergency only" and as it happened, there was no cell service in the middle of the lake anyway.

It was a time to get away from the noise of world and demands of the jobs...

(photo courtesy of our daughter)
We had our boat for 16 years and enjoyed many morning breakfasts with friends.  We (our entire family... and our friends that we influenced... and their children) have such fond memories of our times on the Lake.  There was one summer that we all could be found there 3-5 days a week.  

We would call each other on occasion frequently and say "Last one on the lake is a rotten egg!"  and then race to the boat launch.  But we had to be fair... there was no head start.  The call had to be made and then breakfast could be packed, children awakened and the boat uncovered and loaded with all of the water skiing stuff.

Most mornings the call would come around 7:30 am... there was never a complaint or whine from any of the kids... all of them were teenagers or pre-teens... it was a minor miracle!

We would launch the boats, head to our favorite morning cove and enjoy our coffee, tea and juice and then break out the bagels and doughnuts.   Okay... may not the most healthy of breakfasts, but they packed easily and traveled well.

As the morning would begin to warm, the water would become completely calm.  Not a ripple or wave to be seen anywhere!  That was when the kids would begin negotiating who would ski first and enjoy the best of the water.  It was another minor miracle that there was never any major fights over this!  This pristine water would last about 45 minutes so there was ample time for everyone that wanted to get a ski run in to do so.

When the morning calm was gone we would all contentedly head to dock and head home to take care of any business that needed to addressed... such as lawn care or gymnastic practices, bill paying, cheerleader camps, etc...

**Sigh** Good times 💓

After my block was pieced I began searching for some of my sunset pictures.  Apparently, we enjoyed the moments so well that there were very few photographs taken of the sunset cruises on the lake....  

But here are two sunsets photos that I did find... though neither of them from the lake.  😕

This amazing shot was taken from our friends home in Seymour, TX a few years ago when we visited them over Thanksgiving.

And this shot was from our first camping trip last year in September.

I did locate many sunrise photos from the view of our front window... I may use those sometime in the future.

As I finished my block and snapped a picture I realized that I had inverted the placement of two colors...

Though I could have left it... and even considered it for a fleeting 1/2 second before my attention to detail tendency kicked in and said "What??? No you are NOT leaving it that way."

I immediately pulled out Mr. Ripper and got to work to correct the problem...  

So there you go... my sunset block.

Are you more of a sunrise person?  Or a sunset person?

Leave a comment for me letting me know... I love to hear from my readers.

Piece Out,

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  1. sunset definitely!! Sunrises are much too early! Great post, love the pic of the love birds. You write such interesting stories to go with your blocks.

  2. I've gone back and corrected by blocks for the past two months. I didn't used to do that but it is all part of trying to improve technique.

  3. Love your stories, Melva! Great block.

    1. Thank you! I am glad that someone other than me enjoys them. :) I only share the thoughts that come and go in my head as I make the blocks. And now you know the truth! lol

  4. I love both sunsets and sunrises I don't think I could choose. My family never boated but I was lucky enough to have a boyfriend in high school who's parents loved exactly what you described and always let me tag along as well. Nothing like a wonderful day on the lake, sunup to sundown. I think your block captures that perfectly.

  5. Both!! I love them both - each one is so unique!! Love your stories to go with your block!