Sunday, July 15, 2018

Mid-Year Review

As I reviewed my list of 2018 goals I realize they were not all that lofty... realistic may be a better word for them.  
That is pretty much me... a realist through and through.  One friend often refers to me as "an optimistic pessimist". He went on to explain that I am always trying to see the bright side of things, yet anticipate what may happen if the "bright side" doesn't reveal itself.  My response was "Well, doesn't everyone plan for the worst and hope for the best???"  

I guess not... 

On to my quilting goals.  I had just eight quilts on my list... 

  • two baby quilt for my friends great-grandchildren, (DONE)
  • three t-shirt quilts (for another friends twins that graduated from HS and daughter who graduated with a Masters), (waiting to receive the collection of t-shirts
  • a log cabin furrow quilt using the tractor fabric I was given several years ago, (DONE - Farmland)
  • a baby's first year quilt for our sweet grand, Maggie, (DONE)
  • and the Dresden tie quilt. (DONE - I haven't blogged about the completed quilt yet)
Additional quilts that I have finished are

Not bad... I still have plenty of time to complete three t-shirt quilts even if they aren't for my friend.  I have blocks ready to go for several athletic teams as well as what I have been saving over the years from shirts that came from various family vacations and places of employment.

As for blogging goals... let's review. 

"I would love to be able to grow my audience of readers. I have seen some slow growth in the past two years. Joining in on Instagram and creating a page for Melva Loves Scraps on facebook have been a large part of this growth...

Plans to implement continued growth include blog weekly posts and participating in more link-ups, blog hops and quilt alongs. I think I can realistically do the link-ups and hops once a month, without the loss of much time in my studio, affecting my commissioned quilts.

I plan to continue with my series, Quilters Through The Generations, though maybe only monthly rather than weekly. The frequency of these posts depend greatly on the timing of the interviews and the recommendations or "leads" for the quilters to be featured." 

So, how am I doing?  I have definitely grown my audience through blog hops.  I have found that one hop a month is a good groove for me.  Hops that I have participated in...

Christmas in July -  coming soon!
Welcome to My House  - coming in September
Peek-A-Who - coming in October

These hops have encouraged me to create quilts that I would not naturally create using styles and techniques that I sometimes avoid - especially the art quilt.  I had to dig into my past employment for inspiration and I was able to use one of the decorative stitches on my machine.

The linky parties are fun too.  I have been fairly consistent in being able to have at least one post a week that meets the requirements to link up.  To all of the linky party hosts... THANK YOU!

I have joined several block of the month sew alongs and have had great fun making blocks that will be used in a "camping quilt" to be used in our camper.  The "It's a Wild Life" and Pat Sloan's "Let's go camping" blocks will come together nicely to create a scrappy and playful quilt.  The making of these blocks have brought to mind many happy and entertaining memories made while camping as a child.

The 2018 Monthly Color challenge has been fun too!  

This month's block reminds me of Key-lime pie. Mmm... mmm!

I have kept my Quilters Through The Generations series going with stories published every two to three weeks, but am running near the end of my contact list.  I have so enjoyed getting to know the families of the quilters that have been featured and to have the opportunity to see some vintage quilts that grandmothers or great-grandmothers made.  

Again... I need some help in this area.  Are YOU from a long line of quilters?  I would 💓love💓 to talk with you and learn your story and help you to preserve your family's story.  You can email me ( or you can leave a comment letting me know you are interested in participating.  Leave your email address along with the comment so that I can contact you.  

I will be featuring a quilter that I found in my husband's family very soon!  

I started a new sort of series here on the blog - No Guilt - Go Quilt - where I feature some time saving techniques and tried & true recipes so that dinner will be ready at the end of a busy day of quilting (or work, allowing extra time for you to go quilt in the evening!).  The make ahead freezer meal preparation can take a few hours (depending on how many meals you want to do), but in the end can free up days!

Having the support of family and "quilty"  friends helps me to stay accountable... A deadline for a commissioned quilt for a pattern test helps too 😉

What (or who) do you count on to keep you on track?

I love to hear from my readers. 

Quilt happy!


Linking with Yvonne at Quilting Jet Girl for her Mid-year Review.  Hop over there to see what other quilters goals are... 


  1. "Plan for the worst and hope for the best," was what my husband's grandfather told us repeatedly. When I read it in your post I could hear his voice. :) You have done very well with all your goals, and it seems the only thing holding you back from having already completed all your quilt goals for the year is receiving materials (t-shirts). I am pretty good at holding myself accountable, but then again, so are deadlines. I hope the rest of your year continues just as well for you!

  2. Wish my family quilted. My great-grandmother was the Home Economics teacher of the local school in a farm-based community. When I was young she and my great-grandfather still hosted Thanksgiving for 4 generations. I remember them both. She baked cookies every day and my Dad stopped to visit her several times a week that's probably why cookies were his favorite snack. Nannie made dresses, nightgowns, & bathrobes for anyone who wanted them. Several of my school photos were in a dress made for me by Nannie. She also made puff quilts to donate to her church. The quilts were made of any scrap and stuffed with old nylons. My cousin sent me the final one she made and it's super heavy. It is also so scrappy that it's all different kinds of fabric and any color. I have to admit that Nannie's quilt making inspired me. I bought a new sewing machine and took classes in my 40's and I LOVE to quilt!

  3. Nice job on meeting your quilting and blogging goals. I think you get so much accomplished because your sewing studio is so bright and sunny! Tu-Na Helper loves key lime pie, too. I make mine with a pretzel crust so the combination of sweet, salty, and tartness is wonderful. I like to juice fresh limes if I can find some but those little key limes take forever!

  4. I found your blog through a blog hop. I really enjoy reading all your posts and especially the quilting through the generations posts.