Thursday, June 28, 2018

A Reconstructed Quilt Story

Zia Miller, one of the quilters I have featured on my blog series, Quilters Through The Generations, recently shared a Dresden quilt that she reconstructed...

"My aunt made the blocks years ago as you can tell by the vintage fabrics. Thirty something years ago I carefully ripped the plates off the old block fabric, carefully washed each one and then used new cotton domestic to redo the plates. Using the same method my aunt Maggie used - some were hand appliqued and others sewed on with fine machine stitching.

All was reassembled and then hand quilted by me. It was displayed at few shows and entered in a few judged shows.

I received some interesting comments about the sewing. If the judge read the information about the old redone quilt, the comments where positive and usually received a blue ribbon.

On the other hand, it was really counted off for the mixed method of work...and most obvious they never read about the project. Just thought you might like to see some of my work. And yes, I used a higher-loft batting.

I love the quilt it’s on a bed where I see it everyday. I loved and admired my Aunt Maggie who did some of the most amazing handwork of all sorts. "

I have such a great appreciation for projects like this.

Have you ever "Re-constructed" a vintage quilt?

Tell me your story by leaving a comment below... I would love to hear from you!

Quilt Happy!


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