Saturday, November 4, 2017

Quilters Through The Generations - Emily Reznechek

Today I am happy to introduce to you Karen Thurn's daughter, Emily Reznechek. Last week's story featured Karen from Tu-Na Quilts and Emily had a "cameo" appearance, but this week it is all about Emily... 😉

Have you ever made a quilt?  

Oh yes!  My wonderful mother, Karen Thurn, aka Tu-Na taught me to sew.
I received my sewing machine as a Christmas present when I was a teenager. I had been enrolled in 4-H and made several clothing items, as well as making an apron in Girl Scouts.  Since then school and work had become obstacles.

Several years ago I drew my younger brother, Ben's name for Christmas and as he was heading off to college I thought a quilt would keep him warm at night in the cold North Dakota winters. He loved playing Minecraft and I thought a section of the earth would be a great quilt for him as it would be unique and non-traditional.

Emily’s mom, Karen, noted that she not only sewed The Minecraft quilt for her first quilt but she designed it as well.  (I think the designing comes naturally to Emily as her mom informed me that she is an interior designer.)

Do you have a grand-mother that quilts?  

My maternal grandmother, Frances (Huber) Preszler quilts… As a graduation or wedding present, each of the grandchildren receives a quilt that is specially designed for them.  

This pattern was called "Candy Store" that she found in a magazine, name unknown.

My Paternal grandmother is Ruth (Meidinger) Thurn who has made many quilts through the years. Each of her 8 grandchildren who are married received a wedding quilt from her. 

Ruth takes her church charity quilting so seriously that she won't miss a day. They quilt all day once a week. She doesn't like to keep a stash on hand preferring to buy for a specific quilt. Many of her quilts are controlled scrappy quilts.

Have YOU taught someone to quilt?   

No, but I would like to eventually.

How many quilts have you made? 

Oh my… I believe only nine, though I have plans to make many more. I have made several baby quilts for friends including a puff quilt (like the one her mom made).

I made a star quilt which was the first quilt I free motion quilted (on a domestic machine). I backed the star quilt with flannel and use it to sit outside and enjoy the fireworks on the fourth of July or to just curl up with.

A couple of years ago when I was home for Christmas vacation, I rented time on a long arm at the local quilt shop and free motion quilted a quilt which now is on my guest bed. The quilt I am currently working on is also destined for the guest room.

I helped design and picked out the extra colors that were added to a quilt for my exchange sister, Kerstin in 2016.  

Kerstin is on the left and Emily on the right.
Emily & Kerstin are very close.

You can learn the whole story at Tu-Na Quilts, Travel and Eats…

Do you have a favorite block? I do not as there are so many out there!

What is your favorite part of quilting? I like seeing the finished product. Sewing the pieces together can be a type of meditation technique - as long as the scant seam is correct and the tension and using the correct pieces. Ok, maybe it’s not a meditation technique, but it still is fun!

What is YOUR favorite part of quilting?
I'd love to hear from you... leave a comment below. 

Happy Quilting!

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