Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Little Dresses for Little Girls

Last week I got a wild hair to whip up a few dresses for our church's upcoming Operation Christmas Child Shoe Box Sunday - a day when the members of the church join together to fill shoe boxes that will be delivered to children all over the world and have the opportunity to learn of Jesus' love for them.

It was only going to be a few dresses made from pillow cases, a little bit of elastic and some bias tape... I made up what I had and was able to get a total of 5 dresses using the pillow cases that we no longer use because they fit a full mattress and we only have queens.

As I sewed the little dresses I thought of the assortment of yard goods in my closet that had been passed on to me last year...

There were several that came to mind knowing that I would likely NEVER consider them for use in quilts because of the kind of fabric or the print/color...

I pulled them out and assessed my supply of bias tape (also passed on to me from another former sewer/quilter/doll maker).  I estimated that I would be able to assemble at least 7 more dresses...

And then I located another supply of bias tape that would match the fabric... 17 and counting!

I had plenty of the blue/green plaid fabric that was a light weight gauzy type fabric - the tag from 2000 stated 10.88 yards! - perfect for the dresses... and the bolt of a poly/cotton blend Chintz that matched as well so that I could add a little length to the dresses for the larger sizes.

I had commented to our youngest daughter that I'll just keep making dresses until I run out of the plaid fabric or the bias tape... she said be careful Mom!  You know the oil lasted for 8 nights... referring to the story of Hanukkah - The miracle of the one-day supply of oil miraculously lasting eight days. Haha... I chuckled... 

When all was said and done, I ended up with a total of 26 dresses... and just enough bias tape to complete them.  Am I surprised??? Not a bit... For the Lord provides exactly what is needed.

While I had other projects that I could have and should have been working on, I was content to hear the hum of the sewing machine as I produced these dresses... I know that there are 26 little girls that will be blessed to receive them.

Have you ever packed shoe boxes?  
What sort of gifts do you include?

Blessed to be a blessing,

PS - The link for the pattern is at the top of this post (The highlighted word "dresses")

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  1. What a wonderful idea! I've never heard of pillowcase dresses, but I'm oh so glad you shared this. What a perfect gift those dresses will be. The oil is lit at your house for sure. Thank you for linking up to Wednesday Wait Loss.

  2. Love this story, Melva! Inspiring and heart warming. :)

  3. This was a great project and service you did! I loved reading about it. Should I bring you some fabric for next year?