Monday, August 14, 2017

Quilting... In My Sleep

What do you do when you awaken in the middle of the night and can't really get back to sleep...

This happens to me not very often, for which I am grateful, but when it does happen my mind tends to go my sewing room and quilting projects and ideas.

Recently I learned that a friend of ours is expecting soon and I knew that I wanted to get a quilt made and sent to her for the shower.  The shower is Saturday, August 12th.

But when other projects took precedence over making her quilt, I resigned myself to the fact that I would simply have to mail it to at a later date... **sigh**  

It was to this particular quilt that my mind wandered to in its sleeplessness/sleepiness that night...

I had pulled some fabric with little bears and the Beatitudes on it a few weeks ago thinking I would make a fabric book for our grand-daughter who just celebrated her first birthday.... I didn't get to the book.  

This fabric suddenly became the perfect item for Tiffany's baby quilt and the idea started developing in my mind... as soon as I had the plan solid in my mind, I drifted off to a content sleep.  

It was the next morning and I was ready to head to my sewing room... except that I really needed to be packing and gathering everything I need for my weekend away.  Such problems!  I convinced myself that I had all morning and could pack and gather after lunch...

I swiftly gathered the various solid fabrics I wanted for the alternating four-patch blocks and started cutting and stitching...

Before I knew it I had the top together!  

Yeppers... before lunch!  I had basically talked myself into taking my machine to the girls weekend, but when I mentioned it to Dave during lunch he replied "No you are not - that machine is grounded."

**Sigh** I shouldn't have said anything... 

I could have easily had it sandwiched, quilted and bound by the end of Friday evening and still had the remainder of the weekend to focus completely on my friends and our time together.

None the less, I set it aside, scrambled to gather all my "stuff" for the weekend and took off up the one of the local canyons to "Retreat, Rest and Relax".

It was well worth the short time away...

I returned home and to my sewing room on Monday morning and finished the quilt... It went off in the mail and was delivered in time for the shower.

Here is the beautiful Momma-to-be...

So... when you find yourself sleepless and the middle of the night, do you "quilt" in your mind?

Tell me what helps you get back to sleep... I love to hear from my readers. 

Happy Sewing!


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  1. How awesome to get the quilt top done in a morning, have a restful weekend away, and still get the quilt finished, shipped, and delivered in time for the baby shower! I definitely work on quilts at night when I can't sleep sometimes.

  2. I wish I could whip quilts out like that! I am just so slooow. I'll bet that mama loved this quilt!

  3. Yes! I lie awake figuring out patchwork patterns, colour schemes, borders, bindings... I know if I wake in the night and start thinking quilting projects it's going to be quite a while before I get back to sleep! But sometimes doing that thinking in the night means we can just get on and make in the day! Your lovely baby quilt came together so fast once the night time decisions had been made!