Saturday, August 19, 2017

Quilters Through the Generations - Label It!

I have no Quilters Through the Generations "interview", but I do have a few in the works... Be sure to come back next week and see who is featured.  

As I have been waiting for future stories to come in this week I have been busy creating some special labels as a thank you to each of the featured quilters...

The primary reason I started this series was to document some of the stories and memories behind the quilts that I have so that someday... down the road... my children, grand-children and perhaps even my great-grand-children would have some history and stories to go along with the quilts they could someday acquire.

As I explained this to my husband a few weeks ago when he questioned why I was doing this series and in response to his "Can't they just read the label?"... 

Well, yes, if there IS a label... Most quilters from years ago did not label quilts, and even many of today's quilters don't label.  My mom has added a label to a few of  the quilts in her collection noting the quilter, the year (or an estimate of the year) it was made and who it was made for, as well as some personal comments.  But for the most part, the knowledge of the maker and the recipient get lost.  

Two of my cousins, Diane in particular, have been lucky enough for their mothers to document each quilt with a card or note that explains who the quilter was and who it was made for.  But not all of us are this lucky!

After purchasing codes from StoryPatches and and printing them with my logo on paper-backed fabric sheets, I have created some labels for each participant.  

My personal attempt at saving the stories of quilters and their quilts... one story at a time.

Do YOU have generations of quilters in your family and a story that needs to "saved"?

I would love to help document the stories for generations to come...

Happy Quilting!


Note - I have no affiliation with the products mentioned in this post.  I simply believe in their products and the purpose of them.

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  1. What a very cool idea, Melva! I look forward to reading more as you are able to do the interviews!