Monday, April 3, 2017

Quilt Label Quandary...

I recently finished a t-shirt quilt and started searching for a label that would be appropriate for a young man graduating from the US Military Academy - West Point. I was  in a quandary because all I had were wedding themed or floral framed  labels, or the wrong color...

I then remembered that I had some paper-backed fabric designed for inkjet printers left over from some photo quilts a few fears ago. ***NOTE*** I am not a paid advertiser, simply a creative consumer

I jumped on my computer, searched for a few borders to insert into my document, hit print and I was ready to go.

I found my printable fabric through Hobby Lobby... this one has colorfast directions and is machine washabe. There is one that is dry clean only.

So Daniel James Reape, congratulations on your graduation and may you stay safe as you serve and protect our great nation.  God speed.

Do you make your own labels?  
I would love to learn from you about how you label your quilts...
Leave a comment and let me know what sort of labels you use.

Happy Quilting!



  1. I do use labels but tend to have them just be solid pieces of fabric without design.

  2. I make a triangle that will fit into the corner of the quilt. I sew a piece of colored fabric on the long edge, write the information on it, press then pin into the corner before I sew the binding on. You will need to hand sew the top of the triangle onto the back. I just use plain Kona cloth for the triangle, nothing fancy.

  3. I haven't got into the habit of using labels which is terrible! I really do think it is important. So I will be very interested to see what responses you get. I have been thinking about ordering some of those preprinted ribbon labels that you sew right into your binding.