Monday, March 27, 2017

L.A. Phant

Last May we traveled to the Los Angeles area to celebrate the marriage of Matt and Erica. You can learn about them and the quilt that we gave them by jumping over to True North.  On Thanksgiving they announced that their family would go from two to three!  YAY!

This weekend Erica was the guest of honor at a baby shower as they await and prepare (can we ever really be fully prepared??) the arrival of their sweet boy!

And every one of us quilters know that of course every baby needs a quilt! EVERY. BABY.

Matt and Erica are decorating using light blue and grey... Baby Chic is what I call it - which is quite popular now.

I pulled out a number of patch pals patterns from Quiltmaker and settled on the elephant because the colors.  Also in the grey family was a rabbit - This would have been really cute to do since their last name is Hopp!  But, alas, I settled for the Peanut Patch Pal...

One of the wonderful features of these patterns is that the main body of the tops are all the same size and the borders are interchangeable.

I softened the colors by choosing pastels for the elephant's stand and chose a different border.  The baby blue border and corners are a soft corduroy that offers a bit of texture and interest to the quilt.

I present to you... Mr. L.A Phant!

Since I was not at the shower, the soon-to-be Grandma shared a picture of Erica with the quilt with me...

Now we just need to wait for the little guy to arrive!  

Join me in wishing this new little family many years of joy and laughter.


With love,



  1. Beautiful quilt. The baby is going to enjoy the different textures. Blessings!

  2. What a beautiful quilt and wonderful photo from the baby shower!