Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Beginning of Another Happily Ever After

This past weekend we were blessed to celebrate the marriage of our youngest daughter, Rebecca, to a wonderful young man, David Anderson.

If you read the post about the wedding quilt, you know that they met on-line two years ago.

I was touched when Beck showed me a picture of a wedding dress that she wanted and asked me if I would mind modifying my wedding gown from 1985 to look like it.

I stated, "well, I'm not going to wear it again.  I'll do my very best to make it all you want it to be."

We got busy taking off the sleeves as well as the lace and ribbon at the neck line...

She was a beautiful bride...  Of course, I am heavily biased!  

I should add that the bouquet is a button bouquet made by a friend.  It had lots of vintage buttons as well as some special vintage pins that came from Great-grandparents and a very special hand-painted pendant (painted by my Grandmother for my Mother-in-law)

If interested in a button bouquet, please leave me a comment with your e-mail address and I can put you in touch with the amazing creator.

But the most beautiful thing was watching the newly married couple look deep into each others eyes and see the love that they have for each other...

And just look at the joy they expressed as they made their grand entrance!

I present to you Mr. & Mrs. Anderson!


May they be blessed with many years of happiness together.

Now that the celebration is over and the dress has been dropped off for cleaning in preparation for storage, I need to get back into my studio and get busy with the next project.

Happy Happily Ever After,


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  1. What wonderful and personal touches on the dress and bouquet! I am so glad the wedding was so happy and congratulations!

  2. Congratulations on the wedding! What an awesome picture of true love!!

  3. Congratulations to you all and especially the very happy couple :-) Lovely that you could be so involved in the dress and that the bouquet held such a special family heirloom. Marriage should definitely be celebrated!

  4. That is so great that she wanted to use your dress! What a special day with a custom dress and bouquet that hold so much meaning. Great post, Melva.