Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Year End Sewing

All of the Christmas gifts are finished and wrapped!  This means that I have nearly two weeks left in the year to check off a few of the items on my 2016 "Bucket List"...

There are only two items that I have not attempted - free-motion feathers (SO intimidating!) and an Amish inspired jewel-toned quilt.

I quickly went to the pile of fabric I have been collecting for such a project and started cutting.  No real pattern or layout in mind other than the rich, brilliant colors...

I settled on a 5-1/2" squared that would become half-square triangles... 

Once they were all cut and pressed, I moved to the design wall...

The rows quickly came together and the border happened in just a snap!  

For the backing is a pieced back... It was mostly assembled and acquired in one of the fabric collections that I received.  I added a few more pieces to increase the width and wahlaa!

After an afternoon of quilting hearts into the HST I am ready to attempt the last item on my bucket list... Feathers on the border.

I love, Love, LOVE it.  We may be keeping another quilt.  

I finished hand quilting the Bitty Block Quilt the other day and labeled it...

Dave's response was "Good job.  Another quilt to add to the stacks of quilts that we already have!"

So tell me, can one ever have too many quilts???? Be honest with me.


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  1. I haven't reached a too many quilts threshold. I suppose it's all relative to each individual and the space one has to move in your home. :)

    Congratulations for having a few weeks to do things for yourself at the end of the year and I hope that you can take a deep breath and enjoy the FMQing.

  2. Oh, I just love those saturated colors. Wonderful finish. No, you can NEVER have too many quilts! :D