Monday, December 19, 2016

2016 Colorado Christmas Informer

The annual Christmas letter went out last week... The halls have been decked... Packages that needed to travel great distances have been shipped (and all but one delivered... I DO love the tracking ability!) and I have just one final gift that needs to be quilted.

As "Editor" of the letter, my section is always the last to be completed... and like each other family member, there is never quite enough room to share all the details of the year's events.

In fact, after several reviews by my "assistant" and final approval for printing, as we were addressing and stuffing the envelopes we suddenly realized that we did not include the fun weekend at the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta in October!  Tragedy!!!!  How did this happen???

We also missed out on our trip to TX in January for the Dallas Safari Club show and a visit with Dave's brother, Pat, and his sweet lady, Nancy... 

As well as their visit to Trinidad!

Now, I understand and know that there is a very fine line that we do not want to overstep by offering too much information and expanding to more than two pages.  Though we could rationalize it that it is not just one Christmas letter, but FOUR!  I mean Heather and her family of 5 could easily take up an entire letter of their own. (She does a great job of encapsulating a snapshot of their year!)

And since I understand this fine line I will bid you a very blessed Merry Christmas!


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