Saturday, June 11, 2016

Time With Jesus...

This week I was able to spend some significant time working on the Jesus wall-hanging... I was doing really good!

And then I realized that I had three more rows at the top yet to lay out and I was short the required amount of background squares... and I had NO MORE! The fabric was from a fat quarter that I had picked up at a quilt show in April and I had no info from the selvage (and I couldn't remember the name of the "store" I bought it from - and even if I had how do you describe a fabric over the phone??)

So, I did what any quilter would do... I dove into my stash and pulled out what I thought was a similar fabric... not a perfect match, but I really thought it would work.  


I dove back into my stash and located more of a yellow (rather than a green) and did a quick audition by placing some squares over the green-ish squares (mostly on the left side) ...

It looked much better!  
So I sat and ripped stitches to pull out all of the green blocks and a few extra of the original ones so that my "salvation plan" didn't seem so "back up".

I know that I still need to go back in and fix some of Jesus' hair and beard shading, but I am really liking the result. It is not a highly detailed "photo" like a sketch or drawing, or even a cross-stitch could be... It is much more like an oil painting or acrylic... you know where you stand back and stare at it.

Thanks MaryNell for the special request for this wall hanging! I have loved the challenges.

Have you ever run short of fabric while making a quilt?  How did you "save" it? I get that the obvious solution is to buy more of the same fabric, but what if you can't... What then?  I'd love to hear what other solutions might be.

Happy Quilting!


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  1. I have run short on fabric on several occasions. Sometimes I am lucky enough to know what it is and go scouring the internet and friends to see if I can get any more, and others I have to be more creative like you did here. I think going back and shifting a few background squares around the top is going to help it all blend in beautifully.