Friday, June 24, 2016

First... Read The Directions!

Today was sewing lesson one with Brenna.  She did AMAZING!

We went over some basics, and then discussed her "ideal" project so that we have a goal to reach for.

We needed to make a run to the fabric department at our local big box store to select fabric for the drawstring bag/back-pack and to get cord and thread.  We discussed some of the different types of fabric and she settled on a canvas type fabric for the bag since it would be more durable and sturdy.

She quickly picked up on sewing a straight line and how to guide the fabric through the machine.  I had her sew the bottom and side seams... 

And just like that I was quickly reminded that I really should read all of the directions (rather than depend solely on my logic and experience)... When I looked to the next step I noticed that she was not to sew the entire side seams, but stop short 4"... to be able to create the top casings for the drawstring!

Since it was my mis-direction that told her to sew it, I ripped it... it is only fair!

With every seam her lines became straighter and more consistent! And she learned how to pull cording through the casing and the importance of securing the ties to the bottom of the bag.

Lesson #2 with be making a poncho and selecting fabric for a skirt.  I think she will have "homework" with the skirt so that she can become familiar with and comfortable using her own machine.

She had fun! I had fun!  Her mom loved the bag and is just as excited for Brenna as Brenna is about having this opportunity.

Another seamstress has been born!

Happy sewing!


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  1. And how did she go at the fabric store? Any sign of the beginnings of a fabric addiction? All part of the territory!

    1. She did enjoy the fabric store! Signs of a fabric addiction? Too soon to tell. But she was quick to pick up on the different types of fabric and quickly understood the need for a heavier fabric for the bag. :) Thanks for asking!

  2. Awesome! Thank you for being a wonderful ambassador to the quilting craft.