Sunday, June 19, 2016

Bucket List Check-in

It seems that in just a blink of an eye the year of 2016 is nearly half gone! 

Where has the time slipped away to?!?

I thought it might be a good time to review my Bucket List.

1 - Crayon quilt... a work in progress - I have the fabric pulled and have begun cutting and piecing... one section done!


2 - Feathers... I will come back to this one.

3 - Digitized (photo) Quilt... Not just one, but THREE!  I am over the 1" finished squares.  LOL!

4 - Hand Quilting... a work in progress, but I have 89 blocks done... out of 160 (not including the flying geese).  Getting there!

5 - Wedding quilt - Done and delivered :) True North

6 - Denim Cathedral Windows - an up-cycled quilt made from jeans and flannel - a work in progress... this is one I pull out on days that I want to do something pretty mindless.

7 - Wonky Scrap Quilt... haven't had time to get started.

8 - Block submitted to Quiltmaker 100 Blocks - DoneBlock Submission

9 - Amish Jewel Tone quilt... another one I haven't had time to started.

10 - Farmer's Market... I called just yesterday and scheduled for two Saturdays - July 2 and September 3 - Now I need to get some table runners made before July!  

11 - Donation of t-shirt quilt to Relay for Life event - DoneHope, Fight, Celebrate & Remember

So I have completed five items, working on three and still have six months to complete the other three.  Seems like I am on track with my goals.

Now, about the Free-motion feathers... I am so intimidated by these. I know that what I really need to do is to remember my "Just Do It!" attitude and set aside the fear... I mean after all I am not planning on entering my first FMQ feathers into a show... right? Any tips about getting started and how to make them look right? 

Thanks!  Be blessed...


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  1. You might want to check out the Feather Boot Camp series taught by Suzanne Earley ( It does sound like you are on a great path for your goals for the year!

    1. Thanks for the suggestion Yvonne. I will take a look.